Our menu boards for BMW promo tour in T’bridge Wells

WE hope to see you at BMW Tunbridge Wells on the 26th of April. We decided to keep our prices low and our yummy-ness factor high for the BMW promotion. This is what we had to offer.

Salt Beef, Deli,

Our Famous Salt Beef

Coopers BMW, BMW, Deli Truck

Our steak Sandwich Menu board for our next Gourmet food outing at BMW Tunbrige wells

Pulled Pork, pork

OUr home made Pulled Pork has always been one of our best sellers. WE smoke this ourselves for 8 hours over oak and apple wood


meat ball, Deli Truck,

OUr famous Meat BAll Sub, in a rich and thick tomato sauce and a good strong Italian cheese

beef burgers, burger

Our beef burgers are the talk of “flavour town”

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