Our meat ball sub – one of the best


meat ball sub

Our famous meat ball sub. This is juicy, cheesy and meaty all in one

Looking forward to our next month of parties and corporate events. But once again thanks to all our friends and clients who made our day at BMW last Saturday such a success. The next open day at BMW will be help on the 26th of April. This time though I would love you all to give me some feed-back on the menu. Any ideas welcome. At this stage we are thinking of doing a Deli Classic a “Meat Ball Sub”. Our prime beef will be mixed with ricotta cheese, oregano and minced onion to make the balls light and fluffy and full of flavour. We then drown them in our home made tomato sauce – very thick – tomatoes reduced down with basil, onion, garlic, salt and pepper. The tomato-y balls are then squeezed into a baguette and topped with Italian cheese. (at this stage provolone) This is a sticky yummy classic. And of course our hugely popular Salt Beef will return.

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