The Best Burger Bun – Ever


burger bun, burger, deli truck, baking

Our home made burger buns fresh from the oven

We think this is the best burger bun in the world – why? because we make it ourselves. We spent months trying to find the perfect burger bun, but keep being disappointed. Believe it or not there is quite a lot of science involved in getting just the right bun. Firstly it has to be tough enough to handle a super heated 8 oz piece of pure beef, it has to soak up meat, cheese and bacon juices with out disintegrating and it has to have a warm doughy interior for taste and “mouth feel” We finally decided, after talking to friends in the US, that we would try a burger bun made out of “soft pretzel dough” This is a wonderful dough – but to make it into a bun takes a lot of work because just like a bagel, this bun is simmered in water for 60 seconds before it’s popped in the oven for a further 20 minutes. The genius behind this way of cooking is that the outside of the bun becomes firm, but pliable – in other words it doesn’t break up and the inside is still delightfully bready and rich and soft. So finally we have found our perfect burger bun and we hope you enjoy it next time you come and see us.  The next set of pictures show how we made our first small test batch.

burger buns, deli truck

Forming the dough into small balls before the second rising.


deli truck, burger buns

Arty shot of me forming buns.


deli truck, burger buns

uncooked bun dough then goes into a pan of simmering water for 30 seconds on each side.


deli truck, burger buns

rolls being poached, see how much they puff up


deli truck burger buns

Poached buns are lifted from the water and glazed with an egg and milk mixture.


Deli truck, burger buns

The rolls are then sliced into a cross cut, because the outside of the roll is now cooked and has killed the yeast, but the inside is still raw and needs to expand rapidly once it gets in the oven – these slits allow the expansion without the roll exploding .


deli truck burger bun

The end result and they were soft and doughy inside. Fantastic

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