Great menu this Saturday at Tunbridge Wells Farmers Market

Hope you can join us this week at Tunbridge Wells Farmers Market – we had a great time two weeks ago and met some fabulously well informed foodies, including a former New York City cop – who appraised our salt beef sandwich as one of the best he’s ever had. The Menu this Saturday (25th of October) will be our regular largish meals – Our famous Salt beef sandwich and our 8 hour smoked pulled pork sandwich. Also we realise that a lot of people want just a snack or something small to warm up with so we will be doing a Boston seafood chowder, jam packed with white fish, mussels, salmon and cream and served with crackers or our own home baked mini chowder buns. Our our fish and seafood are both sustainable and organic.

Boston Seafood chowder

Boston Seafood chowder

And we will also be baking one of Americas’s most famous comfort foods – a cheesy, creamy “mac and cheese” Or as we’d say over here a maccaroni and cheese bake. We start this with a creamy white sauce to which we add obscene amounts of organic cheddar, parmesan and mozzarella and top with a crunchy topping for even more flavour. Both these smaller dishes will be available for under £5.00.

creamy decadent mac and cheese

mac and cheese

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