The best chocolate brownies for 170 people

You would not believe the ingredients needed to make our famous chocolate brownies – especially if its for large numbers. We get asked time and time again why our brownies are soooooo good. It’s simply really – the quality and quantity of the ingredients. We use only the best chocolate, butter, coco and  free range eggs. Below is part of the ingredient list for brownies for 170 people for a wedding reception in London.

Deli Truck, Chocolate brownies, catering, wedding catering

Some of the ingredients for making Deli Truck Chocolate brownies for 170.

For this recipe (for 170 people) Miri uses three different chocolates. All up 32 bars. Half the chocolate in this recipe is Lindt 70% cocoa solids for a bitter dark taste. Followed by 8 bars of Green and Blacks 39 % cocoa solids milk chocolate, and 8 bars of Lindt Milk chocolate. Then their’s the heart stopping amount of butter – 4 kilos, and 64 free range eggs, then flour and 1.25 kilos of coco powder. We always serve this with lightly whipped Amaretto cream, for this amount we will use a bottle and a half of Disaronno just for the whipped cream. In our small kitchen it will take around 6 hours to prepare and bake 8 large trays of brownies. We have found over the years that the taste gets better and deepens if you cook the brownies 48 hours before they are to be eaten and then store in an airtight container.

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