An atmospheric wedding on a windswept nature reserve in Kent

This had to be one of the most atmospheric weddings we have catered for. The venue was Kingshall Barn on the windswept salt mashes of the Elmley Nature reserve on the Isle of Sheppey. The clients and guests are all committed lovers of wildlife and choose a perfect spot for their nuptials. On the day of the wedding even the local cattle were trying to find a place to hide from the stormy winds that blasted across the flat salt marshes. It was like stepping back in time – we half expected Dickens to walk past and nod a reserved good afternoon as he wandered though his favourite Kent landscape.

A large number of guests stayed overnight – Glamping on the grounds.

We set the Deli Truck up in the lee of the barn to protect us from the elements as much as possible. We ended up having to put the salads and condiments buffet table inside the barn, as our famous coleslaw was trying to make a break for freedom in the wind. We produced for these clients a particularly complex menu, mainly due to a large contingent of vegetarians and vegans. We produced a selection of off menu items as well, including sea bass sandwiches and halloumi burgers.

But the photos tell the story the best. It was a great day with really fun and enthusiastic clients.

Deli Truck, Wedding, Catering, Kent

The great barn at the wedding venue at the Elmley Nature reserve in Kent.

Deli Truck, wedding, catering, street food, Kent

The Bride and Groom at the Deli Truck

Deli Truck, Wedding, Catering, Street Food, Kent catering.

Speeches in the Big Barn as the after ceremony party begins to warm up.

wedding cake, wedding, catering, kent catering, kent

We loved the wedding cake – very of the moment and now. Forget those boring old wedding caterers, this is all so much more fun and relaxed.

Deli Truck, catering, wedding catering, wedding, street food

Many of the guests stayed until the following day – glamping on the Elmsley nature reserve – what fun.

Deli Truck, catering, Kent, Street food, wedding catering,

Some of the multi coloured mixers at the bar

Deli Truck, catering, wedding catering, wedding, street food

The Menu for the wedding. The Deli Truck stayed open until late so guests could come back again and again if they wished to – and many did.

Deli Truck, wedding, Elmsley Nature reserve, catering,

Those damn cows. Looking for shelter on a blowy cold day. This is part of the Elmsley Nature reserve


The Deli Truck

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