Deli Truck home made bacon. The best morning after breakfast

We decided as a treat on the 1st of January to host a small brunch with friends as a “morning after” get together. Planning ahead, we made our much asked for home cured bacon loin*. The end result Bacon and egg butties on fresh bagels.

The bacon curing process started almost two weeks before we needed it. First step was to brine a small pork loin in a Deli Truck original recipe. Our brine is made up of dark muscovado sugar, sea salt, lots of finely chopped fresh bay leaf, a sprinkle of Korean chilli power, powdered cumin, garlic, crushed coriander seeds and fresh ground black pepper.

Deli Truck, catering, Kent catering, BBQ,

Home made bacon, with organic eggs on bagels, with HP.

The brine mix was liberally pressed into the surface of the pork loin and then placed in an air and water tight plastic bag – and in the fridge. About twice a day for 9 days the bacon was massaged and flipped over to make sure the brine was distributed equally. After 9 days the bacon was removed from the brine, washed and dried. Then air dried for another two days using the “fan in the fridge method”. Kids don’t do this at home…..


Deli Truck, Deli truck catering, catering, kent catering, bacon, BBQ,

Pork turns to bacon. This is the finished product after 9 days on the brine and 4 days air drying. Even we were a little surprised how good it was.

The flavours were amazing – a little lingering sweetness from the muscovado sugar, the cumin flavour was quite prominent, with a spiciness from the pepper and Korean chilli. Served with lovely runny eggs on super fresh bagels this was a treat for all as we slurped Champagne and Bloody Marys.

Deli Truck, bacon, bbq, catering, Kent catering,

The bacon being sliced ready for the pan.

*Our amazing home made dry cured bacon is available to any of our catering clients for brunches, bacon butties, corporate events and anything else you can imagine. Our you can visit us on the farm and purchase our bacon directly from us. As we all know – everything is better with bacon.

Bacon, Deli Truck, BBQ, street food, food truck, catering, kent catering

Our bacon being sliced. I prefer slightly thicker bacon and the texture you cut by cutting with a knife.

Deli Truck, catering, catering Kent, BBQ, Bacon,

A very quick way to air dry. Using a small desk fan at lowest setting. 2 days makes it dry as paper on the outside but still luxurious and juicy on the inside.

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