A relaxed foodie wedding in Kent

What a great day and our first really large wedding party for 2017. These guys wanted it all – Just after the ceremony, a groaning grazing table of biblical proportions to start with….  then a couple of hours later the full Deli Truck experience with very generous portions of Texas BBQ and Cajun specialities – all freshly home made i the Deli Truck.

The photos say it all. Thanks Herons Park Venue and thanks Andy and Lea Neaves – great day – superbly foodie guests – and a lovely couple.


Grazing Table for weddings



Deli Truck Grazing table for weddings



The monster Cheese platter.



Shiny Stainless Steel and fresh Brioche Buns – The “Deli Truck” ready to start service


Del Truck, wedding, catering

Vegetarian Halloumi Burger from the Deli Truck        


Deli Truck monster burger, pulled pork, beef burger, wedding, catering

There is always one guest who wants our ½ pound double cheese and bacon burger with extra pulled pork and BBQ sauce on top. We don’t advertise this but it seems word has got around as more and more guests ask for it.

Del Truck, catering, wedding, wedding catering, Kent, Burger

Nicely turned out – and getting her Deli Truck monster burger – A guest at a memorable Wedding in Kent

Deli Truck, BBQ, catering, wedding, wedding catering

A happy queue for the Deli Truck at the wedding of the year. Love that dress !!


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