Making Texas BBQ sausages

The latest addition to our Texas BBQ and Cajun menu is our homemade Cajun Sausage. We are making 100 of these sausages as part of the menu for a New Years Eve party in South London. This is a tweek on a Texas BBQ favourite. 

So along with the usual ingredients of organic pork, Jalapeño chilli, and mature cheddar, this year we have added minced organic prime rib offcuts of beef, for a deeper more robust beefy flavour. This is one of the tastiest sausages we have made and they will now be part of our Texas BBQ menu for at least the next 12 months. 

In the middle of making 100 sausages for our birthday party client

This close up photo of our Cajun Sausages shows the cheddar cheese and the green flecks of Jalapeño Sausage. We can make this to suit your tastes -more or less fresh chilli if you like it spicy…. or not. And more our less cheese can be added to suit your taste.

If you would like to taste these sausages call Dennis on 01959 561737. We are selling 6 of these amazing hand-made sausages for just £4.50.

A Texas BBQ favourite with Jalapeño Chilies, Cheddar Cheese, Pork Shoulder and Rib Beef

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