A new dish for the Deli Truck Supper club – that you can make at home.

More and more people have been enjoying our supper club menus during the Covid crisis so we will be carrying on with our innovative and super tasty delivered menus long after the pandemic has been controlled. So here is a new menu item that we have built after discussion with a quite a few of our supper club members. This is one of the tastiest meals we have cooked – jam packed with flavour and old favourites like char grilled polenta and oven grilled baby tomatoes.

This is how you can make our Mini Porchetta yourself at home – A pork chuck steak, flattened and stuffed with herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan, roasted pine nuts and garlic- then rolled and wrapped in bacon rashers. Fried to crisp the bacon then covered and slow cooked for two and a half hours at 150 C.

Porchetta, Deli Truck, Street food,
The ingredients that is rolled into the flattened pork steak. Add a pinch of Salt and pepper onto the meat
These chuck steaks are from the shoulder part of the pig. This is the same pork cut that we use for our renowned Pulled Pork. This is a super tasty cut but is a little tough – the best way to make it unctuous, creamy and tender is to cook slowly for two and a half hours at 150 degrees – and it stays moist.
The flattened pork chop with stuffing, ready to be rolled.
The final result before frying and then oven braising. We fry these finished porchetta’s to crisp up the bacon then oven cook for a couple of hours.

When it comes to cooking your Porchetta, fry the outside first to crisp up the bacon, then place in a baking tray sitting on a trivet of sliced onions and fresh thyme with a drop of water and cover with foil and slowly cook for two and a half hours at 150 C.

While the pork is cooking, make your polenta – I would always advise that you use the real thing, not instant polenta – the flavour and texture is markedly superior. The brand I have shown below will take 40 minutes to cook and you do need to stir it quite a bit. But if the temperature is low enough (just a light bubble every 30 seconds or so) you can stir it even 5 minutes or so, so it doesn’t stick the the bottom of the pan. When the polenta is very stiff and cooked add a good cup or two of parmesan and half a block of butter, with loads of fresh cracked black pepper and taste for salt, pour into a flat tray so the polenta is about 3 centimetres thick. Cool and then refrigerate.

For the tomato garnish put a couple of bunches of mini tomatoes onto a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil and pop in a hot oven (220c) for about 20 minutes, until the skins have split and the tomatoes have softened.

When it’s time to plate up, slice the polenta in to 2 x 3 inch pieces and either pop under a grill, pan fry or even shallow fry if you want to make it super crispy. Place tomatoes on top and sprinkle with balsamic and olive oil.

If you want to go the extra mile, then you could skim the fat off the liquid that will be in the bottom of the container the pork was cooked in – put the skimmed liquid in a small saucepan and reduce a little. You can then thicken with a roux or a teaspoon of gravy booster and serve on the side.

This dish has had a spectacular introduction to our clients who have all (without exception) gone just a little crazy over the robust and unctuous flavour of this dish.. Hope you cook it or try it next time I offer as a menu item from our supper club. If you want to go on our supper club list drop me a line on 01959 561737.

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