What motivates us to produce great food

We are passionate about serving our customers the best quality, homemade food available.  More and more of our customers are demanding food that is traceable, sustainable, full of flavour but not full of chemicals.

All our meat, fish and poultry is sourced either locally or from within the UK. This means a very short supply line from farm to table of just three businesses – The Farmer, The Wholesaler (Butcher, Fishmonger) and the Deli Truck.

Short supply lines also mean our meat and other foods are more flavoursome (not frozen) and safe – and you’re supporting British farmers. We are passionate about what we eat and are outraged by the way so many big businesses sell chemical and hormone stuffed food – just so they can make bigger profits.

Many of us have had enough of not knowing what’s on our plate and after years of food scares our customers want to be better informed about what they are eating. We couldn’t be more delighted by this consumer led revolution.

Those of us who love good food and the social interaction that comes with eating and sharing food together know that the adage “we are what we eat” has never been more true. We passionately believe that properly sourced, healthier food can add years to our lives and give us great pleasure along the way.

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