Louisiana fish sandwich

In the American South you’ll see many variations of sandwich that uses the bounty of the gulf coast, fish and seafood – including the famous Po’ boy sandwich and this favorite a white fish sandwich seasoned with southern spices and grilled.

We always use a full filet of fish for each sandwich and depending on market availability this could be Sea Bass, Coley or even Salmon. All our fish is from UK waters and is sustainable and if possible organic. We don’t use cod as we think it shows little imagination, isn’t really that tasty and it is not a sustainable species.

We dust our fish in our BBQ rub for flavour and spice, we then grill the filets on the flat top for a very crispy bottom.  Meanwhile we warm a ciabatta roll, add a good dollop of Russian Dressing, rocket, lettuce and roasted pepper. When the fish is cooked we pile it on top of the “loaded” ciabatta roll.  That’s it – FANTASTIC – you have just hopped on the bus to flavour-town.

This fish sandwich is incredibly flavoursome with great texture from the crunchy fish and rocket to the creamy Russian dressing.This is a revelation to eat.