Pork and Fennel Sausage

On the Deli Truck we are obsessed with freshness, traceability and quality. The only way we can stick to our convictions, especially when we make our sausages is to make them from scratch.

So we start right at the beginning by mincing our own meat, then we know exactly what’s in our sausage. We only use shoulder of pork for our mince. We then lightly dry-fry fennel seeds, add garlic, paprika, a touch of cayenne and a few other tasty spices that make our sausages one of the best you’ll ever taste.

Sausages do need some form of filler (no more than 10 percent) it holds the fat in the sausage and gives it a better texture. We use sourdough bread which we finely cube before we add it to the sausage mix.

Our sausages are then stuffed into natural casings, rested for a day so the flavours come together and grilled in the Deli Truck for real flavour. We then put a whopping big serving on a roll with any sides you want – from mustard, pickle, sauerkraut, cheese, hot sauce, mayo, onions, deep fried shallots or if you want you can have the entire lot.

This one kicks ass. It’s a taste sensation.