Posh Picnic for a horse loving raconteur

A new horse loving client specifically asked for an elegant and simple picnic for a point to point meeting in Kent. The client who I could only describe as great raconteur and a larger than life figure wanted lots of fun food as well as some classics, for his friends to drop in a taste during the afternoon.

picnic, deli truck,

A tasty picnic of light bites. From Left to right – A cheese board with grapes, home made sausage rolls, a salad of roasted red peppers, olives, feta and pesto – a galantine of guinea fowl, quail eggs with celery salt fresh heritage tomatoes, potato salad. Dessert (not on the table) fudgy chocolate brownies, fresh strawberries and cream

We set up an intimate area between two ancient land rover defenders for the foursome to enjoy their lunch in some privacy. The client specifically asked for a diverse menu – from complicated French dishes from the 18th century to sausage rolls and brownies.

On the more traditional side we made a classic French dish called a galantine of fowl. A bird boned out (without piecing the skin) then filled with a game, pork, cream, truffle and brandy forcemeat then formed back into the shape of the original bird and very slowly cooked until you have essentially a terrine inside a bird. The theatrical side of this dish is carving at the table when everyone assumes it is a normal bird with bones.

deli truck

Galantine sliced


deli truck, galantine, point to point,

Galantine, sliced and ready to consume

We also managed his request for meaty and very tasty sausage rolls. We made a sausage base out of finely minced pork and beef along with lots of sage, oregano, pepper, onion, lardon and lots of grated cheddar.

Deli Truck sausage rolls

Egging the pastry join



deli truck sausage rolls

Cut up and ready for the oven

Another picnic favourite – a bowl of quail eggs. Pick one out and dip lightly in celery salt – it doesn’t get much better. All shelled and ready to be packed in our huge hamper. We had to try a few of course – and they are fantastic

Quail Eggs, Penhurst, deli truck,

Quail eggs in a bowl of water cress – a great picnic favourite.

After all the work the picnic was a great success. The client was delighted and a steady stream of their friends dropped in for a chat and bite.

Deli Truck, catering




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