Pulled Pork

Making good pulled pork is all about authenticity and taking time to develop the flavors.

Deli Truck, Street Food, Pulled Pork WE use only best and most authentic cut for our pulled pork – a free range shoulder of pork supplied by Batchelors the butchers of Sevenoaks.  The shoulder is massaged and coated with our TEXAS style dry rub that’s made up of Paprika, Garlic powder, Cumin, Salt, Brown Sugar and a couple of other secret spices that make our pulled pork one of the best in the country.

The shoulder is then refridgerated, wallowing in its piquant salty rub. After 48 hours, the shoulder then goes in our monster texas smoker to cook “low and slow” for up to 14 hours. We use a mixture of apple wood and oak for our smoking. The apple wood gives the pork sweetness and the oak gives big flavour.

DEli Truck, Street Food, Pulled Pork, smokedDuring the smoking process the Shoulder takes on a covering of dark tannins from the wood – The Americans call this the bark. This is where the flavour comes from in great big juicy chunks. While the pork is smoking we make our special BBQ sauce. We prefer the southern style which is not as sweet as the Northern Chicago style BBQ sauce. Our sauce has many spices but has an good sharp edge to it because of its vinigar content.

After the pork has been smoked we cool it to the point where we can “pull” the pork by hand. Shreading the shoulder into juicy lumps of porky goodness – it’s then we throw in a good dollop of our BBQ sauce .

We then pop it on a bun with coleslaw if you want it. You will never taste anything like it in your life – unless of course you come back to the Deli Truck.