Salt Beef

If you’ve wondered how we make our salt beef so juicy and flavorsome – in a word it’s TIME.

Deli Truck salt beef sandwichTraditionally the only meat to use for Salt Beef is Brisket, not the rolled type you would buy in the UK, but the whole flat brisket that you get in the US.

We source our Brisket from only British beef herds using the expertise and buying power of award winning butcher – Batchelors of Sevenoaks.

Batchelors, run by the ever passionate and tireless Graham Batchelor, have a stella reputation for quality, customer service and their access to the best farmers and quality beef from around the country.

When we get our brisket, we trim off most of the fat, this allows the brining fluid to permeate deep into the meat during the 21 days of maceration.

We make our own brining liquid with all organic produce including un-refined molasses sugar, organic cider vinegar, salt, and lots of spices including bay leaf, mustard seed, coriander seed, fennel, whole garlic cloves and a few other herbs and spices that are our secret that make our salt beef one of the best in the country.

We boil the brine to bring all the flavours together and when fully cooled we immerse the brisket in the liquid infusion for up to 21 days, turning every day to flex the brisket and make sure that every square centimeter is engulfed in flavour.

Finally we cook what is now Salt Beef very slowly for 7 hours – before serving for your enjoyment.