The Deli Truck – Quality gourmet food at great prices

Deli Truck, street food, food truck

The Deli Truck ready for business for a private party.

Welcome to the Deli Truck web site.

We are renowned for offering beautifully flavoured, responsibly sourced, fresh food with a fun atmosphere, an attention to detail and immaculate customer service.

Everything on our truck is home made, There are NO additives, NO chemicals, NO freezers,  just bags of mouth-watering flavour, cooked from scratch from our fully kitted out “Gourmet Food Truck”. We have even started our own vegetable and salad patch, so that we can grow lettuce and salad crops totally organically. We hope to expand this coming into next summer.

In this website you can find a much more detailed idea of who we are and how we operate – and our private catering operation.

We can also organise a selection of high quality food trucks for your next party that can supply a diverse range of food types and styles to fit your budget and taste – for a mini festival vibe in your own garden.

You can also see who our suppliers are, where we get our produce, our food and sustainability philosophy and why we love producing good quality homemade food with love and care.

The Deli Truck has become a legend in the London and UK  “Street Food Movement” because of our absolute dedication to quality food, cooked with love and attention from fresh. We offer big bold flavours and mouthwatering delights for your summer party, birthday parties, weddings  and of course kids parties (they love us) and slightly older young adults camping and party weekends.

We  can park our, very retro, 30 year old ex NATO ambulance anywhere you want – in a paddock, in the back garden or even half way up a mountain (yes we did that once).

As we bring our kitchen with us you aren’t left with piles of mess and clearing up after your big event. You can host a party that you can actually enjoy yourself.