A wedding party waiting for super tasty food.

The Deli Truck was approached by the wedding couple to see if we would like to do the late evening fun and filling food for the entire wedding party and a second group of guests who would be arriving later. The wonderful bride thought we would not be interested in just the later evening food – but for us this was perfect.

This is what we do – not traditional sit down three course meals, but super tasty, filling food that everyone loves. Although most of the weddings we do, we supply all the food from first sitting to snacks and desserts – but this one was different as the bride and groom had tasted our food before and knew exactly what they wanted.

All up we had 160 people to cook for and we devised a simple menu all home made and sourced from local farmers, on a tight budget. When we arrived on site we were nearly mugged by some very hungry guests who knew our food from previous functions and wanted it immediately. They had to wait a bit, while we did our normal preparation.

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Some of the wedding party at the Deli Truck

We decided to serve our two most requested Texas BBQ dishes – our 10 hour smoked pulled pork and our now famous monster burger. You can see how we prepare both these dishes by clicking on the following – Pulled Pork VideoMonster Burger Video.



The party was a fabulous success and produced one of our most iconic images from any of our weddings.