Weddings and wedding venues

70 percent of our business is catering for wedding receptions. Over the last 5 years or so we have seen a massive change in the way young people wish to get married.  They are turning their backs on super expensive old fashioned style caterers and weddings receptions. We hear time and time again from Brides and Grooms that they “want their wedding reception to be less expensive, more relaxed, informal and fun”. This is what we do best.


GRAZING TABLES – we are being asked more and more to build “grazing tables” (see photos below) for a snack directly after the reception and before the main food courses. We have done many of these and the one just below was for a reception for 100 people at the Drays wedding venue in Kent. We served the main meal one and a half hours after the grazing table started serving. A lot of the food we prepared was vegetarian – even the sausage rolls, which were handmade by the Deli Truck – like most of our food.

We produced another style of grazing table for a wedding reception in Lydd where the bride and groom had a slightly larger budget. As you can see in the photos below. We used premium cuts like hot smoked salmon, a massive quality cheese board, cold cuts of roast beef etc. We make our Grazing tables to fit your budget.

Following a successful grazing table, The Deli Truck will clean away and repurpose the truck for the main food event, usually an hour and half to two hours after the reception. At this time we actually turn our truck into a restaurant kitchen, as we “cook to order”. In other words when people wish to eat they come to the truck and order their food which we cook fresh immediately at the time of asking – so the food could not be fresher. For a wedding of around 120 guests we will keep serving for up to two or even three hours, so there is no need for guests to rush to the truck for food.

ICE CREAM TENT – another great favourite with brides and grooms is our highly successful and much loved  “Boozy Ice Cream tent” as a fun dessert. This is the one thing guests still talk about years later. You can see a menu for this below – which gives you an idea of how this works.



The Ice Cream Tent, The Deli Truck, our salad bar and cocktail truck all in a row for a wedding celebration.


As you can see on our great parties page (click here) there are many different ways to cater for a wedding and you don’t have to take out a small mortgage to pay for it.

We have also noticed a big change in the sort of venues that people wish for their weddings. Many young Brides and Grooms want a casual, alternative, out door event with lots of things happening and food being served when ever guests require it and with more variety of food as well.

So if you are looking for wedding catering -we can cook, essentially anything you wish for, on your big day. Take a look at our great parties page on our website and you’ll see the diversity of menus we can offer. From formal sit down grand catering menus – like this, to simply Texas style BBQ’s in the back garden – like this, to organising a selection of food trucks to give your event a mini festival feel – like this



Oak Grove

OAK GROVE – For a romantic and alternative wedding in North West Kent we would suggest you speak to the friendly professional owners of the “OAK GROVE” in northern Kent.  Their wedding venue is under an ancient stand of coastal oaks on the Thames estuary and is very romantic and alternative. A wonderful place.

Located in North Kent and nestled between two small villages, this woodland glade offers a magnificent venue for a unique, rural wedding. They offer an exquisite ‘living willow’ arbour Blessing space to complete your day. Click here for more information


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A Deli Truck party in a vine yard

If you’re thinking right out of the box – and want something really different we can cater for wedding receptions absolutely anywhere you wish. We are completely self contained with gas for cooking and heating and generators for power and lighting.

We have held parties in vineyards, half way up mountains, at the beach, on a river bank, at a cricket match and of course in your own garden.