Who are we

The Deli Truck is a husband and wife team who have had a love of good food all their lives.

aa_den-days-work-over-wide-shot_wrDennis Broadfield, is an Australian former TV journalist and TV news producer who spent many years in the world’s hell-holes covering stories as diverse as war in the Middle East, to the beginning of the Palestinian uprising in the late 80’s, to American Cup racing off Rhode Island. During the final stages of the Iran–Iraq War his reports from Iran on the shooting down of a civilian airliner by the US warship Vincennes were seen around the world. Latterly he worked for the BBC as a TV news producer and was part of the startup crew for Sky News in London. Dennis paid his way through university working in large commercial hotel kitchens – and ended up as head chef at the Apollo Hotel on Australia’s Gold Coast. As he says, his love of cooking dominated his life so much – he became a much respected chef with a really terrible degree. Many years later he returned to his first love with the Deli Truck – he’s passionate about quality raw materials, cooked simply with great flavour and generous portions.

old_house_truck_kidsMiri Broadfield was also a career journalist and reporter working in the print medium. After an arts degree she became an art and performance critic for the Adelaide advertiser in Australia. From there she worked her way to the UK and after years specialising in the energy business, including a 3 year stint as deputy editor at the OPEC news agency in Vienna, she worked as an energy specialist at the Financial Times. While making a killer chocolate brownie and an unbelievably good potato salad, she still advises companies and the media on energy policy, markets and pricing.

Dennis’s background in food came from an English father who loved cooking and quality food. His favourite expression was “It’s best to have a top quality steak just once a month, then a mediocre one every other day”. Dennis put himself through university by working in commercial kitchens eventually becoming a grill chef in large hotels and smaller restaurants on Australia’s Gold Coast.

His speciality is boring to death any body who wants to listen about the subtle differences between Chicago BBQ  and Texas BBQ.
Miri’s great repertoire of quality recipes and her instinctive use of ingredients comes from her background and childhood growing up in Slovenia, where cooking and sharing food is second nature. She immigrated to Australia with her parents when she was 6.

Six years ago they decided to follow there decades old passion and leave their super stressful careers and start the Deli Truck. They say they have never looked back – and cooking great food for fabulous clients (many have become friends) is amazingly rewarding.