Wedding for 130 with Ice Cream Bar

This was a big wedding with a 130 party goers who had “found their mojo”. Wow these guys had a great time – they loved the food and our ice cream bar and partied on into the small hours.

We managed to feed all of them in just over two hours.  We took a short break and then opened the ice cream bar at around 9.30 pm.


The Deli Truck and ice cream Bar set up in the court yard of the wedding venue

Another chance for the guests to take in a little more alcohol, this time poured over our tubs of home made ice cream. My favourite was our raspberry ice cream – we put in so much fresh raspberry when I made this one it turned out a little tart and almost sorbet like because there was so much fruit pulp and juice. Very very cooling, crunchy and refreshing. Most had it drizzled with Amaretto or Baileys. (See Ice Cream Bar menu below)


The Ice Cream Bar before service



A dedicated young ice cream fan



Queue for the Deli Truck