Truck flexibility for complex menus and large guest numbers

Not only is the Deli Truck a mini commercial kitchen in the back of a truck, but we have much more equipment at our base that is modular to the truck and the Deli Truck tent. We can swap equipment out of the truck or put equipment into the tent for much larger menus. For example below – this client wanted a full menu operation from the Deli Truck to include our home made burgers, pulled pork and sea bass sandwich with all the trimmings and salads. He also wanted a selection of canapes including our hot and spicy chicken wings. And then for pudding he wanted our fully operational “Boozy Ice Cream Tent

As we were doing a full scale menu selection out of the truck to order, we had no space for the deep fryer in the truck for the wings or a place to sauce them and serve from. So we set up a tent behind the truck for wings cooking and serving – and then much later we used the tent again for the ice cream tent.

21st birthday, birthday party, street food, catering, Deli Truck,

The Deli Truck during preparation for a big 21st birthday party. At the rear of the truck we are setting up the tent to run the deep fat fryers and service area for the chicken wings.

Deli truck, catering, street food, ice cream,

The set up for chicken wings. You can see the fryer, the warming table with hot lamps above it and of course bottles of “Franks famous Wings hot sauce” When we finished serving the wings one of our staff cleaned and replaced equipment for the Ice Cream Tent.

We can add a further tent for a more festival feel (two tents and the truck side by side) to include our massive paella pans and burners for our paella business and we can also supply a far eastern noodle tent – which we staff with a Vietnamese chef we use on a regular basis.  If any of the is of interest to you please call Dennis on 01959 561 737 or 0771 28 4779 for a hassle free discussion and quote.