Our Suppliers and friends

Central to our food philosophy is a passion to keep the supply chain very short therefore eliminating the possibility of shady practices taking place during the transport and supply of fresh product over many thousands of miles and through many hands.

This is simple – We must know exactly where our meat, fish and bread comes from and it must be the best quality.

As we are a Kent based food truck we source most of our key ingredients from Kent firms and farms. If we can’t get what we need very close to us we will look in other parts of the UK. But we guarantee that our main ingredients of meat, fish, bread and vegetables will only come from the UK, preferably within a 30 miles radius and organic.




We source our pork from one of the most charismatic farmers in our district. James Bowdidge, the owner of Danemore Farm near Tunbridge Wells is passionate about raising the best rare breed saddle-back pigs in the country. James and Dennis from the Deli Truck meet at least once a month on the farm to discuss the next months requirements. The taste of his free-range animals is extraordinary – some of the best pork we have ever tasted. James now supplies all our piggy needs from home made sausages to shoulders for pulled pork and sides for porcetta.

Other MEAT
Our other meat requirements which includes beef, turkey and chicken is being supplied to us by the fourth generation business – “Batchelors of Sevenoaks”.

Bachelors is a village butchery that has survived the onslaught of the supermarkets by sticking to what it knows best. Selling quality British meat while paying great attention to origin, it’s quality and its proximity to our business.

For example when we make burgers we do not use supplied mince –  we mince all our own burger meat, from scratch, so we know that only prime beef cuts have gone into our burger meat.

This doesn’t make us “organic” angels, this is just common sense – if we want to keep our customers satisfied (so they keep coming back) we have to supply quality local meat. And in a small way we are doing our bit for the environment. We believe his is how all producer/supplier/end-user relationships should be and will be in the future.

We also like to suggest trusted operators to our clients that we have worked with in the past – we only offer you firms that we approve of.  For example wedding venues, cake makers, other food trucks etc.

WEDDING and RECEPTION VENUES – Weddings are now 70 percent of our business so we see a lot of venues, some good, some bad and a couple absolutely brilliant. For more information on our wedding services and venues that we like and trust – please click here

We welcome the partnerships we have built with our main suppliers – just another way we can control where our food comes from and its quality.