Private catering

We are renowned for our speciality that is both fun and tasty – our now famous Texas BBQ cuisine  that includes items like pulled pork, ribs, hand ground burgers, texas chilli etc.. for large parties and weddings.

Private dinner parties and gourmet catering.

But we also cater at the top end of the market for exclusive dinner parties with as many as 10 courses.

As private caterers we pride ourselves on being able to produce top quality haute cuisine for dinner parties, corporate events and boardroom dining. Our fully trained chefs can prepare and cook the classics of French cuisine for the most up-market dinner parties.

The photos below show the sort of meals we can produce for our private dinner party clients – in this case from the hosts kitchen or we can create direct from the truck.  This type of catering is more French in nature using high quality skills and the best ingredients. This client, in particular has used us 5 times now as a private dining caterer.




For another private dinner party client we produced a gourmet treat for 12 that included seared foie gras with a balsamic reduction, Risotto with ceps and truffle, a beef Tornado Rosinni (a real old school dish) and a wild berry charlotte with a dark chocolate cream.

Our MOBILE kitchen includes a large flat-top grill and all our equipment is commercial grade and safety tested. For hygiene and food safety our kitchen is completely sheathed in stainless steel for easy cleaning. We carry our own generator and gas so we can serve you anywhere you wish from your back garden, or a paddock or even up a mountain.

At the end of the party we drive the kitchen away. There is no chaos and mess in your own kitchen.

EXTRAS – Gourmet BBQs and Children’s Parties

For clients that are looking for an American BBQ Theme – we are renowned for our 14hour smoked pulled pork, our salt beef and our ribs. We bring with us a “very large” Texas smoker. This is the only way to achieve a traditional Texas Smoke, cooked low and slow.

For Children’s Parties we can also add a retro bunting covered caravan that dispenses ice cream sundaes, cookies, cakes and creative soft drinks. For adult parties the caravan can be turned into a bar and dessert outlet.

Below is an adult ice cream menu that was served from our “ice cream bar” for a party of 70 people. For children’s parties we obviously drop the booze but add commercial Iced lollies as well and any other iced concoctions the client wants.

Deli Truck, Ice Cream, Catering

Our Adult Ice Cream Menu for a party for 70 people