A wild and fun country hoedown

Message from the Hosts “We can’t thank you enough for everything on Saturday…. as we knew the Deli Truck was a wonderful addition to our festival theme.  The feedback was extremely positive and we couldn’t be happier with the way the whole event went.  Our only regret was not to have spent more time with you guys. The whole evening went far too fast for our liking, we didn’t get to bed until 5am” Gerry and John M. Sevenoaks.

A well known party couple near Sevenoaks wanted to celebrate a joint birthday with a zero on the end. This was a big one – with the husband being an American and the party a day before the 4th of July, American style food was the only way to go. We helped the hosts choose three food trucks for the event to make a carnival atmosphere – The Deli Truck was the lead truck for food, with a Pizza van and a crepe/ice-cream van to back us up.

Deli Truck, Food Truck, BBQ, Pulled Pork, Hamburger,

The Deli Truck ready for service at dusk.

The Hosts decided on a Southern American style cuisine so we offered our famous cajun Sea Bass fillet and our luscious and robust flavoured 8 hour smoked pulled pork. We also offered up salads – and then a couple of hours later we opened as a late night Hot-Dog Bar.

Deli Truck, Delitruck, party, food truck, bbq,

Our menu for the night. We dont do small portions, but we still had a few guys that came back for thirds… and a HotDog at the end of it all.

We shared the foodie stage with the great guys from the “Pizza Italy” truck. They do one of the best pizzas I have tasted. The pizza cook is Italian and the dough is a true 24 hour rising sourdough. Its amazing. If you would like to work with the two of us let me know and we can turn your event into a mini festival. We also had the company of the Cripes it Crepes truck who did crepes (obviously), donuts, and ice cream for the evening. Nice bunch of people. We can also supply a super tasty paella tent, a rib shack and a shake and waffle retro caravan for pudding.


DeliTruck, Deli Truck, BBQ, Food Truck,

Busy at work as the crowds descended on the Deli Truck

The trucks on location

The trucks on location. The Deli Truck flying the Texas Flag

Deli Truck, DeliTruck, Food Truck, BBQ, Pulled Pork, Ribs,

Happy Customer

Deli Truck, delitruck, bbq, food truck

Serving a pulled pork sandwich