Our Food Philosophy

Deli Truck, Street food, street food londonThe Deli Truck is the result of a life long dream by its owner to produce the best quality, sustainable food accompanied by a fun and enjoyable environment at great prices.

The Deli Truck is at the cutting edge of the “Street Food Movement” that has swept the world – starting in Los Angeles about 9 years ago and is now a colourful and flamboyant part of the food scene in most of the worlds largest cities.

The modern Street Food Movement is defined by four things – Quality fresh food, Great Prices, a gourmet approach to food preparation and a commitment to sustainability and organic produce where possible. On the Deli Truck we are passionate about serving our customers the best quality, homemade food available. All our meat, fish and poultry are sourced either locally or from within the UK. This means a very short supply line from farm to table.

For example you can see, by clicking here, how we make our famous 8 ounce freshly ground burger. This shows the care and and professionalism we put into every dish we make.

Those of us who love good food and the social interaction that comes from eating and sharing food together know that the adage “we are what we eat” has never been more true. We passionately believe that properly sourced, healthier food can add years to our lives and give us great pleasure along the way.

The Deli Truck has also built quite a reputation in the private catering field for party and business organisers who want something fun and unusual to feed their family, friends or valued business contacts. Look at our blog for the type of parties we hold.

The founder of the Deli Truck, Dennis Broadfield, started his career in commercial kitchens in Australia to help pay his way through University. 30 years later after a short career as a lawyer and a much longer career in London as a journalist and foreign correspondent he returned to his first love – creating quality food from quality fresh produce. Please come and share

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