Making Pistachio Ice cream – a special request

A lovely client asked us to cater for her and her husbands anniversary party… As well as top quality food from the Dli Truck, she also asked for us to supply our separate “Boozy Ice Cream Tent” to offer her guests an extra fun treat after the main courses.

Her favourite Ice Cream flavour is Pistachio and she asked for us to make an organic, pure and very tasty Ice Cream Special. This is the most expensive Ice Cream we have made so far. If you are going to use pure products with no additives or flavourings then pistachio is a pricey commodity.


34 Egg yolks for the Custard base for our ice cream. Enough egg whites left over to make meringue for everyone.

We decided to make about 6 litres of the Ice Cream, which meant we had to start making our custard base with 34 egg yolks, 4.6 litres of double cream and 1.2 litres of full cream milk. When the custard had cooled we added a kilo of freshly chopped Pistachio nuts and a very special and expensive product from the online speciality chefs shop – “Sous Chef”. A 250 ml super concentrated bottle of pistachio cream, made in Italy using only 100% pistachios and pistachio oil.. This is an amazing ingredient and perfect for Ice Cream.


1 kilo of ground pistachio with a bottle of super tasty and expensive pistachio paste from “sous chef”.

The resulting Ice Cream turned out fantastic. with a really deep flavour – nothing like the commercial brands where you can barely taste the pistachios.  This is one of the tastiest ice creams we have ever made.


The ice cream custard before freezing – love the look of the pistachio chunks in this cream…





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