This is to give you an idea of how we make some of the food we sell on the Deli Truck. You notice that many of the dishes are cooked the authentic way, even in the case of our salt beef, which takes 22 days to finally be ready for eating.

Our Brines, rubs and spicing are all home made by us. We don’t buy pre-prepared spice mixs or Brines because many of them use inferior ingrediants and are to salty.

The same care and attention goes into our meat recipes. For example we don’t buy mince for our burgers or our sausages. We buy cuts of meat that we then cut and mince ourselves, this way we know what goes into our products. The burger for example is just 100 percent quality beef cuts, minced by us and formed into a burger. We add nothing to the patty – not even salt and pepper, that comes later during the cooking process.

Our fennel pork sausages are made of fresh shoulder of pork, cut and minced to our specifications with added spices including fennel seed, garlic, pepper and paprika, we then stuff our own natural sausage casings and let them rest for a day before grilling. There is nothing like a juicy home made sausage with no fake additives and made up of just quality cuts. You’ll never go back to normal sausages again.