Inventing a new high powered “Cherry Bomb” Ice Cream

Just finished making our own Morello Cherry Ice Cream for a 21st Birthday party this Saturday. Been experimenting with lots of interesting ingredients to try and get the Ice Cream we like – and finally found a fabulous concoction at Sainsbury’s called Morello Cherry Compot. Never even knew it existed until researching for this ice cream. Brilliant flavour. So we blitzed the compote with real cherries in kirsch, Cherry Brandy, and a tiny touch of white chocolate. This turned out to be the winning set of ingredients. It really tastes sensational with that lovely little bit of bitterness from the berries – sweetness from the Ice cream custard and chocolate, and a zing from the booze. The colour is almost neon…

Deli Truck, Morello Cherry, Ice Cream

Morello Cherry Ice Cream