Deli Truck Paella service – “the most generous fully loaded Paella in the UK.”

Not my words but a quote from a one of our corporate clients. The client had ordered 3 different Paellas, to feed around 100 people, for the launch of a massive new car dealership to the West of London. The organiser couldn’t believe how much seafood we used and the quality of the finished Paella.

Not surprising as we make all our own stocks and use only free range chicken and sustainable seafood. If you would like our Paella service for your next event – call Dennis on 0771218 4779 for a full quote.

Our 80 cm paella pans can feed up to 35 people per pan – We can cook seafood and chicken, chicken and vegetarian.

Deli Truck Paella test run

Practice run on ingredients for next Friday’s Paella Evening. We are using the Rolls Royce of Paella Rice – “Bomba” Bomba rice is twice as expense as any other Paella rice, but it does have amazing qualities – it can absorb up to three times it’s own weight in stock. Most rices absorb about 2 times.. We also used grade “A” Spanish Saffron in this test dish with free range chicken and organic pork loin. The taste is amazing – better than I though. Next Friday we will scale this dish up to our 80cm Paella pan – which is a maximum of 35 very generous main courses so you’ll have to book early.