Brand New Menu for Next BMW Truck Feast.

Working on the menu for our next appearance at Coopers BMW motorcycles in Tunbridge Wells on the 26th of April. I have attached our menu boards for you to drool over. It’s just 11 days away and as you can see we have brought back some old favorites like our Salt Beef sandwich – but we have introduced two new dishes including our Steak Sandwich. This is amazing as we use a large rib-eye steak grilled, and served up in a Baguette with salad, a confit of onion and our special homemade Russian dressing. This is taste- tastic. We are also introducing our meat ball sub this month. This is a half baguette stuffed with four beef meatballs surrounded by a rich tomato sauce and topped with Italian or Swiss cheese. This really is a cheesy, beefy sandwich of pleasure. We will also be serving freshly brewed Fairtrade colombian coffee this time round as so many of you asked for coffee last month.  So I hope to see you all at Coopers BMW on Saturday the 26th from 1100 to 1600.

Coopers BMW, BMW, Deli Truck

Our steak Sandwich Menu board for our next Gourmet food outing at BMW Tunbrige wells


Salt Beef, Deli,

Our Famous Salt Beef



meat ball, Deli Truck,

OUr famous Meat BAll Sub, in a rich and thick tomato sauce and a good strong Italian cheese

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