Fresh picked Wild Garlic for Pesto

Always a great time of the year in the countryside as the fields erupt with wild garlic leaves. You can pick in most places during your daily exercise. Makes an amazing pesto and I mean amazing – a much stronger garlicky flavour mixed with pecorino, pine nuts and olive oil. You just blend the leaves with all of the above. We used it to dress Salmon last night…. A revelation.

Wild Garlic Pesto being made
Wild Salmon with Wild Garlic Pesto.

Skinning and trimming Fresh Salmon

The day of the big party has arrived and this morning we have been skinning 7 full salmon fillets and trimming to make a sensational Salmon en Croute with Nori and Serrano Ham. This should provide around 60 portions, with an average of 8 to 9 portions per filet depending on their size.

Del Truck, catering, salmon

Skinning the salmon fillets, trying to have as little wastage as possible

Salmon skinning with completed salmon in the background

Salmon skinning with completed salmon in the background

Deli Truck, Salmon

A really good Salmon Skinning knife helps make this sometimes very difficult job easy. There should be very little waste after the skin has been removed.