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Unique double pie to celebrate VE Day

For tomorrows VE Day celebations the Deli Truck delivery service has produced a unique Allied/ English pie.

Shepards Pie for the Brits (Lamb) and Cottage Pie for the Aussies, New Zealanders and Canadians (Beef). All in one container – but separate.

Just finished piping the mash and about to start delivery… One of my very elderly customers cracked me up when I told her I was creating classic English food from 40’s era. She said, “Well I hope it’s better than ones we ate during the war”.. I convinced her it was. You can see in the photo below the lighter meat is the lamb and the darker meat is the Beef. The mash used up three packets of butter. #shepherdspie #cottagepie #delitruck

“creating the two meats cottage pie

Fresh picked Wild Garlic for Pesto

Always a great time of the year in the countryside as the fields erupt with wild garlic leaves. You can pick in most places during your daily exercise. Makes an amazing pesto and I mean amazing – a much stronger garlicky flavour mixed with pecorino, pine nuts and olive oil. You just blend the leaves with all of the above. We used it to dress Salmon last night…. A revelation.

Wild Garlic Pesto being made
Wild Salmon with Wild Garlic Pesto.

Making Texas BBQ sausages

The latest addition to our Texas BBQ and Cajun menu is our homemade Cajun Sausage. We are making 100 of these sausages as part of the menu for a New Years Eve party in South London. This is a tweek on a Texas BBQ favourite. 

So along with the usual ingredients of organic pork, Jalapeño chilli, and mature cheddar, this year we have added minced organic prime rib offcuts of beef, for a deeper more robust beefy flavour. This is one of the tastiest sausages we have made and they will now be part of our Texas BBQ menu for at least the next 12 months. 

In the middle of making 100 sausages for our birthday party client

This close up photo of our Cajun Sausages shows the cheddar cheese and the green flecks of Jalapeño Sausage. We can make this to suit your tastes -more or less fresh chilli if you like it spicy…. or not. And more our less cheese can be added to suit your taste.

If you would like to taste these sausages call Dennis on 01959 561737. We are selling 6 of these amazing hand-made sausages for just £4.50.

A Texas BBQ favourite with Jalapeño Chilies, Cheddar Cheese, Pork Shoulder and Rib Beef

Deli Truck top of the class with 5 star rating

The Deli Truck has just received a five star rating after its last health and safety check from the Sevenoaks council. Inspections have been getting tougher and tougher over the last couple of years as councils around the country are cracking down on unscrupulous, badly trained and dangerous food outlets.

We are delighted that the local council recognises the hard work, time and dedication the Deli Truck takes – making sure that it gets its food to its guests as fresh as possible while maintaining high standards of personal hygiene with spotless kitchens and appliances.

Making Pistachio Ice cream – a special request

A lovely client asked us to cater for her and her husbands anniversary party… As well as top quality food from the Dli Truck, she also asked for us to supply our separate “Boozy Ice Cream Tent” to offer her guests an extra fun treat after the main courses.

Her favourite Ice Cream flavour is Pistachio and she asked for us to make an organic, pure and very tasty Ice Cream Special. This is the most expensive Ice Cream we have made so far. If you are going to use pure products with no additives or flavourings then pistachio is a pricey commodity.


34 Egg yolks for the Custard base for our ice cream. Enough egg whites left over to make meringue for everyone.

We decided to make about 6 litres of the Ice Cream, which meant we had to start making our custard base with 34 egg yolks, 4.6 litres of double cream and 1.2 litres of full cream milk. When the custard had cooled we added a kilo of freshly chopped Pistachio nuts and a very special and expensive product from the online speciality chefs shop – “Sous Chef”. A 250 ml super concentrated bottle of pistachio cream, made in Italy using only 100% pistachios and pistachio oil.. This is an amazing ingredient and perfect for Ice Cream.


1 kilo of ground pistachio with a bottle of super tasty and expensive pistachio paste from “sous chef”.

The resulting Ice Cream turned out fantastic. with a really deep flavour – nothing like the commercial brands where you can barely taste the pistachios.  This is one of the tastiest ice creams we have ever made.


The ice cream custard before freezing – love the look of the pistachio chunks in this cream…





Deli Truck, Harley Davidson at a brewery.

Yep it’s that time of the year again when members of the HOG (Harley Owners Group) make the pilgrimage to the Westerham Brewery in Kent to taste award winning beer and eat award winning food from the Deli Truck. We will be serving the HOG’s and any one else who wants to come along steaming rolls of Italian Porchetta with sautéed Rosemary potatoes. You don’t have to have a bike to attend and of course your more than welcome at the Deli Truck for a meal and a chat. The day gets underway at midday on the 15th of April and we will continue to serve our Porchetta until 4.00 pm.

Deli Truck, Catering, Food truck, Harley Davidson, Westerham Brewery,

Deli Truck Porchetta half way through cooking

There will be some fantastic bikes on show and you can taste award winning Westerham Brewery Beer, tour their brand new brewing complex, have a bite at the Deli Truck and look at some fabo bikes – Does it get any better than that? Not in this universe…  We really look forward to seeing you.

Harley Davidson, Deli Truck, Catering, Westerham Brewery,

Harley Owners Group (HOG) rideout

Our Porchetta is cooked Old Style – using the complete Loin and Belly of Pork wrapped around fresh Italian herbs, pine nuts and sundried Tomatoes. We are pretty certain that we are only one of 3 Porchetta cooks in the UK who use the entire side of the pig as it should be done. Many other providers just use the belly of pork because it’s so much cheaper. On the Deli Truck we use the much more expensive loin and belly in one large roll, which makes the entire slice less fatty, but it also makes it more meaty.. it really is fantastic. And we source our Pork locally either directly from the farmer at Danemore Farm near Tunbridge Wells or though the famous butcher to the stars, Batchelors the Butchers in Sevenoaks.

Porchetta, Deli Truck, Harley Davidson,

Deli Truck Porchetta served with sauteed potatoes

The Deli Truck goes to the movies

This is the first time the Deli Truck has been invited to a big occasion and we don’t have to cook a thing. Yes… the Deli Truck has appeared in a blockbuster movie to be released later this year.

props department dressing the truck

The lads from the props department turning the Deli Truck into a rather tatty noodle truck

The crew of 800 turned this part of inner London into a mad house for the weekend. Along with their trucks, generators, canteens, star caravans, miles and miles of cables and lots of security they certainly made an impact in an area of London that is usually very blaze and too groovy to be concerned by anything.  And tucked away in this shambolic scene was the good old Deli Truck.

Two entire streets in Shorditch were turned into a dystopian market street in a fantasy city called Ryme -sometime in the future. As soon as we arrived on set, the deli truck was attacked by the props department and turned in a Pho Noodle truck. The detail was amazing they even changed our number plates to match the fantasy city that Shoreditch had become for the weekend. Great to see these guys work so professionally.


To much fake smoke but a great example of street sets

But the movie makers were keeping tight lipped, but they did say this is major movie with principal photography ending in May this year. The props department dressed two entire blocks just south east of Old Street Station with new shop signs with an Asian flavor.

So not only does the Deli Truck rock at doing festivals, weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs we are now getting invites to the movies..

To much fake smoke

Way to much fake smoke. You can see behind the Deli Truck they renamed a restaurant the “Ryme Marketplace Restaurant”


Lighting rigs in the air just beside the Deli Truck


A number plate from the fantasy city Ryme made for the Deli Truck

Bubbling Cauldron of Home Made Hot Chocolate

A great hit this winter has been our bubbling cauldron of hot chocolate. We were first asked to make hot chocolate for a Bonfire night party in London. And in true Deli Truck style we researched and tasted and researched some more to make the most extraordinary Hot Chocolate you could imagine. We used a mixture of 70 percent coco solids chocolate and milk chocolate from Lindt. You could stand your spoon up in this one. We have since been asked to make this for another 5 parties during the winter.

Hot Chocolate, Deli Truck, Street food,

Our hot chocolate Cauldron which keeps the contents hot and ready to serve with mini marshmallows.

A wedding waiting for late evening fun and super tasty food.

The Bride: “Everybody is still talking about your amazing food and generosity. Thank you for being the perfect ending to our perfect day. Hope you are both well.” Charlotte Hannaford

The Deli Truck was approached by the wedding couple to see if we would like to do the late evening “fun and filling food” for the entire wedding party and a second group of guests who would be arriving later in the evening. The wonderful bride thought we would not be interested in just the late evening food – but for us this was perfect, because of the large number of guests and the absolute joy of the bride and groom at being able to use us. Yes, we are like everybody else – we are totally compromised by flattery…. Normally we would do all the catering throughout the day and into the evening for our weddings but we knew this was going to be fun so we said yes.

Anyway this is what we do best – not traditional sit down three course meals, but super tasty, filling food that everyone loves.

All up we had 160 people to cook for and we devised a simple menu all home made and sourced from local farmers, on a tight budget. When we arrived on site we were nearly mugged by some very hungry guests who knew our food from previous functions and wanted it immediately.  They had to wait a bit, while we did our normal preparation.

Wedding catering, wedding food, deli truck, street food,

Some of the wedding party at the Deli Truck

We decided to serve our two most requested Texas BBQ dishes – our 10 hour smoked pulled pork and our now famous monster burger. You can see how we prepare both these dishes by clicking on the following – Pulled Pork VideoMonster Burger Video.


The party went really well and produced one of our most iconic images from any of our weddings.



The beautiful bride and groom

A relaxed foodie wedding in Kent

What a great day and our first really large wedding party for 2017. These guys wanted it all – Just after the ceremony, a groaning grazing table of biblical proportions to start with….  then a couple of hours later the full Deli Truck experience with very generous portions of Texas BBQ and Cajun specialities – all freshly home made i the Deli Truck.

The photos say it all. Thanks Herons Park Venue and thanks Andy and Lea Neaves – great day – superbly foodie guests – and a lovely couple.


Grazing Table for weddings



Deli Truck Grazing table for weddings



The monster Cheese platter.



Shiny Stainless Steel and fresh Brioche Buns – The “Deli Truck” ready to start service


Del Truck, wedding, catering

Vegetarian Halloumi Burger from the Deli Truck        


Deli Truck monster burger, pulled pork, beef burger, wedding, catering

There is always one guest who wants our ½ pound double cheese and bacon burger with extra pulled pork and BBQ sauce on top. We don’t advertise this but it seems word has got around as more and more guests ask for it.

Del Truck, catering, wedding, wedding catering, Kent, Burger

Nicely turned out – and getting her Deli Truck monster burger – A guest at a memorable Wedding in Kent

Deli Truck, BBQ, catering, wedding, wedding catering

A happy queue for the Deli Truck at the wedding of the year. Love that dress !!