Preparing our beef for Burgers

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Our prime rib eye beef after being trimmed of connective tissue and fat ready for either our famous steak sandwiches or as a component in our hamburger mince.

Started preparation for our show day at BMW tunbridge wells next Saturday the 29th. Stripping a Rib Eye of any connective tissue as it will be (extravagantly) going into our burger mince. Many of you have asked about my burger mix. I use 30┬ápercent rib-eye (its expensive), 40 percent short rib and 30 percent flank or brisket. This mix of Scottish beef makes a very tasty tender mince. Photo below shows the rib-eye after cleaning up of connective tissue. In the background is our jar of homemade BBQ sauce. This takes ages to make as you have to dry fry many different spices before cooking begins – but its spicy hot and awesome. You can taste all of this next Saturday at BMW Tunbridge wells Cooper. your all welcome to come between 1100 and 1600. See ya’ there.