Private party in grand home

From the Hostess to her guests, the morning after: “Hi everyone, Thank you all for your messages today. We had such a fab evening, so lovely having everyone here. J and I managed to sneak off around 2:15am, leaving the hardcore Michael Jackson fans in full thriller mode. I want to thank Dennis and Miri so much for catering for us last night. The menu was perfect and the courses were absolutely delicious. They both put so much time and effort into last night and it showed. Anyone planning an event must check out, from deli truck to fine dining, I think everyone will agree, it was perfect.  See you all for the next one”
L & J,  Brasted, Kent

From a guest: “Such a fabulous evening, there were a lot of laughs and probably a lot of sore heads on Sunday. Thanks Dennis, Miri, the food was delicious!”  Vicki C-S

Our first private sit down dinner party of the 2016 season was a spectacular event – with guests  enjoying a lavish menu in a wonderful house. We were asked to produce a menu using quality ingredients for a group of “meat loving” foodies who all love their food and great parties. We were lucky that the hosts kitchen was large with much bench space for plating up, cooking and preparation. The dining room where the guests were seated on two large tables was a short walk from the kitchen down a front hallway. All in all, for in-house private catering, it doesn’t get better than this. For the event we had three staff in the kitchen and two servers in the dining room including a professional mixologist on the bar who double up as a waiter.


Plating up the entree of hot smoked salmon (smoked over oaks and apple wood) on a pea and wasabi puree with asparagus and broad beans

The main course was Prime Rib-Eye roasted and then carved into single steak sized portions. We decided to cook the rib-eye American style, very low and slow, to maintain moisture and when cooked medium the pink was right through the joint. This does take exacting timing, when you are cooking meat at 100 degrees and then wanting at least 45 minutes resting. Two complete ribs were seared at a high temperature than placed in the low ovens 4 hours before service. Every ½ hour we basted in Marrow oil and took an internal temperature reading. At just over three hours in the oven the internal temperature of the meat reached 63 degrees. We retrieved the meat from the oven and rested under foil for  a hour. During this time we made fresh Béarnaise sauce and the marrow gravy, whipped up egg whites and them added to the already seasoned carrot puree for the carrot soufflé.


Pre service briefing with the two wait-staff and kitchen staff in the hosts amazing kitchen.



The Menu


Scraping the bone marrow out of 8 large marrow bones. The marrow oil in the bottom of the pan after roasting was collected into a syringe and injected into the middle of each full rib-eye. The marrow chunks were  warmed with the roasted pan juices to made an incredible sauce for those who wished to have more than the home made béarnaise sauce.


For dessert we were asked to do do something simple and refreshing – so we choose a home made lemon posset – which we made very tart and lemony. We dusted with corn flowers and crystallised rose petal – and served with a lemon biscuit and our home made crystallised lemon skin.


Showbiz Party for 50 in Wimbledon

We were asked to feed fifty people for a summers day lunch in the gardens and grounds of a well know showbiz personality in Wimbledon in London. The menu was complex for the truck but it worked a treat and was a success because of organisation and premium ingredients.

del truck garden party

A garden party menu for 50 people

Can’t say who it is but a large garden in Wimbledon is our destination. Starting at the end – dessert first – we have just finished making a gallon of two fabo home made ice creams. We use only organic milk and cream and made a fun one for the kids made up of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream layered with marshmallow and chocolate sauce. The second half gallon is made for the adult guests with a vanilla base brimming with a laughable amount of Disaronno liqueur for that lovely boozy almond flavour. Three layers of the ice cream are separated with a dark, compote of raspberries and then swirled. Kind of like the raspberry ripple we used to have as kids but with a serious kick and a little almond and berry bitterness to make it very grown up.

The party is set to kick off at 12.30 Saturday, so running out of time – more posts as the preparations continue.

Our two special home made ice creams.

Our two special home made ice creams.

For the vegetarians – we made a very slow cooked confit of peppers, onions and leeks, added with steamed broccoli and cheddar cheese to our home made tart base. V tasty

vegetable pie

home made vegetable pie for the vegetarians (or any body else for that matter)

The host wanted the best – so we roasted 4 rib-eyes for the parties main course. I have to say this was one of the best pieces of beef I have ever ever had. We aged it for nearly 40 days, so it was super tender. This meat comes form our normal supplier, who I think is one of the best butchers in the UK. Graham Batchelor from Batchelor’s the Butchers (3rd Generation) in Sevenoaks.

Preparing the beef feb-eye before a low, slow cooking.

Preparing the beef feb-eye before a low, slow cooking.

We kept prepping for the party on Saturday morning including finishing our strawberry tarts the traditional way with our homemade almond short crust pastry with Creme Patissiere and fresh strawberries. We also completed our hot smoked salmon entree. We cleaned four whole sides of salmon and hot smoked over apple and oak wood then served at room temperature over crispy salad leaves. great smoky flavour but cooked..

preparing strawberry tart for the party

preparing strawberry tart for the party




Another favourite was our fish pie – that went down a storm

Fish pie at front of photo - jam packed with pollock, smoked haddock, salmon, prawns and mussels

Fish pie at front of photo – jam packed with pollock, smoked haddock, salmon, prawns and mussels


Our meat ball sub – one of the best


meat ball sub

Our famous meat ball sub. This is juicy, cheesy and meaty all in one

Looking forward to our next month of parties and corporate events. But once again thanks to all our friends and clients who made our day at BMW last Saturday such a success. The next open day at BMW will be help on the 26th of April. This time though I would love you all to give me some feed-back on the menu. Any ideas welcome. At this stage we are thinking of doing a Deli Classic a “Meat Ball Sub”. Our prime beef will be mixed with ricotta cheese, oregano and minced onion to make the balls light and fluffy and full of flavour. We then drown them in our home made tomato sauce – very thick – tomatoes reduced down with basil, onion, garlic, salt and pepper. The tomato-y balls are then squeezed into a baguette and topped with Italian cheese. (at this stage provolone) This is a sticky yummy classic. And of course our hugely popular Salt Beef will return.

Preparing our beef for Burgers

deli truck, hamburger, rib eye,

Our prime rib eye beef after being trimmed of connective tissue and fat ready for either our famous steak sandwiches or as a component in our hamburger mince.

Started preparation for our show day at BMW tunbridge wells next Saturday the 29th. Stripping a Rib Eye of any connective tissue as it will be (extravagantly) going into our burger mince. Many of you have asked about my burger mix. I use 30 percent rib-eye (its expensive), 40 percent short rib and 30 percent flank or brisket. This mix of Scottish beef makes a very tasty tender mince. Photo below shows the rib-eye after cleaning up of connective tissue. In the background is our jar of homemade BBQ sauce. This takes ages to make as you have to dry fry many different spices before cooking begins – but its spicy hot and awesome. You can taste all of this next Saturday at BMW Tunbridge wells Cooper. your all welcome to come between 1100 and 1600. See ya’ there.