Great Menu in Tunbridge Wells

Join us for our once a month BMW feast at the BMW motorcycle dealership in Tunbridge Wells tomorrow (saturday 31st of May) Menu is our usual yummy stuff – to include – our outrageous double cheese, double bacon burger, our I8 our smoked pulled pork sandwich and our cajun fish sandwich on panini. Weather is going to be brilliant for a relaxing lunch. Hope to see you all there

Our meat ball sub – one of the best


meat ball sub

Our famous meat ball sub. This is juicy, cheesy and meaty all in one

Looking forward to our next month of parties and corporate events. But once again thanks to all our friends and clients who made our day at BMW last Saturday such a success. The next open day at BMW will be help on the 26th of April. This time though I would love you all to give me some feed-back on the menu. Any ideas welcome. At this stage we are thinking of doing a Deli Classic a “Meat Ball Sub”. Our prime beef will be mixed with ricotta cheese, oregano and minced onion to make the balls light and fluffy and full of flavour. We then drown them in our home made tomato sauce – very thick – tomatoes reduced down with basil, onion, garlic, salt and pepper. The tomato-y balls are then squeezed into a baguette and topped with Italian cheese. (at this stage provolone) This is a sticky yummy classic. And of course our hugely popular Salt Beef will return.

Our menu boards for BMW promo tour in T’bridge Wells

WE hope to see you at BMW Tunbridge Wells on the 26th of April. We decided to keep our prices low and our yummy-ness factor high for the BMW promotion. This is what we had to offer.

Salt Beef, Deli,

Our Famous Salt Beef

Coopers BMW, BMW, Deli Truck

Our steak Sandwich Menu board for our next Gourmet food outing at BMW Tunbrige wells

Pulled Pork, pork

OUr home made Pulled Pork has always been one of our best sellers. WE smoke this ourselves for 8 hours over oak and apple wood


meat ball, Deli Truck,

OUr famous Meat BAll Sub, in a rich and thick tomato sauce and a good strong Italian cheese

beef burgers, burger

Our beef burgers are the talk of “flavour town”

Success at BMW – join us next month

Deli Truck, bmw

Deli Truck at BMW


Yesterday was a huge success, thanks to all our twitter and blog followers – and BMW and their clients for all their kind words and support. And an special thanks to Steve Franklyn the manager of BMW motorcycles who supported us from the beginning. The Dealer Principal of Coopers BMW Tunbridge Wells (a youngish connected dude) made our day by saying we had served him the best Salt Beef Sandwich he had ever had and he will no longer be going back to Selfridges for his Salt Beef hit. We will be back same place, same time on Saturday the 26th of April.

deli truck, BMW

Deli truck at BMW

Preparing our beef for Burgers

deli truck, hamburger, rib eye,

Our prime rib eye beef after being trimmed of connective tissue and fat ready for either our famous steak sandwiches or as a component in our hamburger mince.

Started preparation for our show day at BMW tunbridge wells next Saturday the 29th. Stripping a Rib Eye of any connective tissue as it will be (extravagantly) going into our burger mince. Many of you have asked about my burger mix. I use 30 percent rib-eye (its expensive), 40 percent short rib and 30 percent flank or brisket. This mix of Scottish beef makes a very tasty tender mince. Photo below shows the rib-eye after cleaning up of connective tissue. In the background is our jar of homemade BBQ sauce. This takes ages to make as you have to dry fry many different spices before cooking begins – but its spicy hot and awesome. You can taste all of this next Saturday at BMW Tunbridge wells Cooper. your all welcome to come between 1100 and 1600. See ya’ there.