A more smokey smoke for our pork shoulder

We have devised a new way of smoking our pork shoulder after we thought a stronger smoke would be better for our pulled pork recipe. So instead of using those silly little oak chips you buy from the internet or garden centres we now have access to a supply of oak timber. The smoking is intense and results in a much stronger smoke – as you can see here in our latest video on how we do it.


Smoked Turkey over a Charcoal fire

One of our more unusual requests. An American client has asked me to feed his creative team for lunch tomorrow. It’s a surprise for their hard work. He specified smoked turkey cooked on a rotisserie accompanied by mac & Cheese, our special coleslaw, biscuits and gravy. Finished with key lime pie and pecan pie. A great American menu. But the turkey is certainly the king. ¬†We used charcoal for the fire and Oak and Apple wood for the smoke. It Looks fantastic.