The Deli Truck at secret beer festival

The owner of this pub is not big on advertising – in fact the Old House at Ightham is perfectly named – with no signs and no overt advertising this is just like an Old House.  It’s almost invitation only as Nick the Publican is holding a small (but perfectly formed) beer festival this week-end. The Deli Truck will there on the 29th of May from midday to 10 pm,  and we will be selling our favourites.

Our menu will include our top sellers. Our freshly made double cheese/bacon steak burger – our 10 hour smoked pulled pork – our cajun sea bass fillet and our Texas monster beefy chilli dog, with Korean spices.
The Old House Pub dates from the 17th century and is on the Campaign for Real Ale’s National Inventory of Historic Pub Interiors. The owner of this pub is known and respected for his dedication to real ale, with a continuously changing beer menu from many boutique brewers and some of the big ones as well.


The Old House at Ightham – no signs, you can easily miss it when you drive past.

This is going to be a real fun day – a relaxed pub, great beer and Deli Truck food. Come and join us at Redwell Lane, Ightham, TN15 9EE, Kent


This is a great pub – like pubs used to be, with a very dedicated group of locals who love the place.

On our Menu will be our usual favourites – our 8oz double cheese/bacon burger our home made pulled pork sandwich and our sea bass fillet on a panini and a new favourite our Texas style brat sausage topped with beefy spicy chilli – messy but sensationally robust flavours.


The Old House at Ightham – beer festival Sunday the 29th of May from midday to 10pm.


Del Truck Texan Chilli Dog

An inexpensive French cut of beef

Among other things I brought back from our latest trip to France was a very inexpensive cut of meat that has become quite expensive in the UK. In the UK and America we call it Short Rib – in France they call it a Plat de Cote and it’s rise in price in the Anglo Saxon countries is due to the explosion of Gourmet BBQ and Steak houses and the rise and rise of the Texas style BBQ food trucks.

Deli Truck, Beef

2 Plat de Cote – as you caee it is quite fatty but this is redered out during the long “low and slow” cooking process. Keep the beef dripping for roasting potatoes.

So far the French haven’t taken on board the whole comfort food/BBQ/Steak House thing that’s happening elsewhere. So Plat de Cote is still really really inexpensive. So this how you can make the most costs effective and luscious winter dish ever. The great thing about this cut is that it comes form a hard working part of the beast so it tastes really beefy.

Deli Truck, beef, Plat de Cote

Short Rib seared to caramelise the outside.

Deli Truck, catering in Kent, Beef

Short Rib being seared then pan deglazed with a lovely Baturrica Gran Reserva 2007 Tarragona from Spain – a perfect full bodied wine for the beef.

So first off – sautee the beef hard in a small amount of vegetable oil to get a good coloured, caramelised crust on the beef. Then add sliced onions and carrots and bring some colour to them (about 5 minutes) then add half a bottle to good red wine (we used a Baturrica Gran Reserva from Spain and its robust almost sweet flavour was perfect for the beef) Let the alcohol boil off and add a litre of beef stock to cover the meat.

Deli Truck, Beef

Ingredients for short rib braise – a good beef stock, onions carrots and bay leaf

Add bay leaf, 10 pepper corns and thyme put the lid on your casserole and place in the oven at 150 degrees for 3 hours. The meat should be cooked by then so take out the meat strain the liquid – take off the beef fat from the top (keep it as it’s great for baking potatoes) return the cooking liquid to the pot and reduce and reduce and reduce – until you get a thick caramelised unctuous sauce that is red winey, beefy and rich. Best served with Mash or simply billed white rice. So next time your in France for the day and your passing a butcher shop ask for some Plate de Cote and get cooking you’ll love this.

Deli Truck

Cooked short rib – Deep flavours and very very yummy.

Great day at Bicester Heritage

Our first time at Bicester Heritage as a quest of Ludo Parayre who owns vintage car company “Lap63”. Ludo wanted us to feed his clients and potential clients at Bicester Heritages’s first vintage car, bike and plane open day for the year. Despite the cold an amazing number of people turned out to see a fine array of vehicles. I popped around the corner of one building and found three pre 1960’s Ferrari’s sitting in the hazy frosty sunshine – around another corner was a fine collection of historic British motorcycles and in another building a TR7, a Stag and an early 1970’s Porsche Turbo… Sadly because of the overcast the 40 historic aircraft that were scheduled to fly into the former RAF Bicester for the day had to cancel, but they will have another attempt at the next open day in April. We fed over 200 people during lunch outside Ludo Parayre office and showroom space. What a great day.

Deli Truck, Bicester Heritage,

Queues at Bicester Heritage for Deli Truck food – the building in the background was used extensively in the just released film “The Imitation Game”

Queues at Bicester Heritage for Deli Truck food

Queues at Bicester Heritage for Deli Truck food

Two fabo old cars outside the Deli Truck

Two fabo old cars outside the Deli Truck

Serving our famous pulled pork sandwich tot he crowds

Serving our famous pulled pork sandwich to the crowds

How to cook the best Pulled Pork

If you’ve wondered how we make our pulled pork so tasty and authentic then check out this video. A lot of people claim to make pulled pork, but cook the pork in the oven and add a chemical “smoke in a bottle” to give it a smoked flavour.  The only authentic way is to smoke over coals with real wood chips – It take much longer and you have to tend the fire every 20 minutes or so for up to 8 hours – But the flavour is incomparable.

A garden Party for 100 people in an idyllic setting

The organisers of this very stylish birthday party wanted a relaxed atmosphere in the garden and they got just that. With outdoor lounges and coverings for a shill-out area, a fully staffed wet-bar and the Deli Truck – the feeling was informal, chic, elegant and fun. And the guests certainly had fun.  Guests started dropping in from 4.00 PM until 9.00 PM, with mosts staying on to drink and talk the night away until well into the small hours.  We served a hot menu selected by the hostess from the truck with an accompanying buffet of salads and our home made lemonade – later we served freshly brewed coffee and tea.

Deli Truck Gsrden party

The menu was chosen in consultation with the hostess (it was her husbands 50th birthday) and turned out to be a real winner. We ended up cooking our spectacular burger which everyone seems to have heard about and always wants. We accompanied this with our 12 hour smoked pulled pork which was a huge hit and chicken breast stuffed with chorizo and parmesan cheese, then poached in chicken broth, white wine and butter – served with a dollop of home made pesto on top. More details on the Menu are listed below.

"deli truck" menu

A big thanks to the most gracious and delightful hosts for their many kind words and support. We had a ball.

deli truck lemonade catering

Deli Truck catering staff

I’ll leave the final words to the hostess who emailed us 48 hours after the party. She said “Thank you for such wonderful food and ambience at our Garden Party – wow what a wonderful day. Everyone was blown away by the Deli Truck and I am sure you must have run out of your info sheets. Thank you also for organising such thoughtful and helpful assistants – it meant we could both relax and enjoy the company of our guests.”

Smoked Turkey over a Charcoal fire

One of our more unusual requests. An American client has asked me to feed his creative team for lunch tomorrow. It’s a surprise for their hard work. He specified smoked turkey cooked on a rotisserie accompanied by mac & Cheese, our special coleslaw, biscuits and gravy. Finished with key lime pie and pecan pie. A great American menu. But the turkey is certainly the king.  We used charcoal for the fire and Oak and Apple wood for the smoke. It Looks fantastic.

Deli Truck for the public – one night only at “tarte” in Brasted

“tarte” of Brasted and the Deli Truck  are bringing American style Gourmet Street Food to Brasted as a special summer celebration for one night only. “tarte” is well known for introducing innovative new menus and guest cooks to its Brasted eatery just opposite the village green.

On Saturday the 16th of August you will be able to enjoy the  renowned New York Style Deli food from the Deli Truck, while tarte will provide sides, desserts, wines and beers.

All the food on the Deli Truck is made in house, even the BBQ and Burger Sauces are made by us.

No Additives, No preservatives, No Chemicals. All our meat is sourced from Batchelors the Butchers in Sevenoaks and is guaranteed to be from the UK.  Table reservations are recommended and take-aways are also available. Contact tarte on 01959 565446

The Deli Truck has been hailed  by one London critic as producingsome of the best modern American street food in the UK”.  So enjoy one of our hand ground double cheese and double bacon burgers – or our authentic 8 hour smoked pulled pork sandwich or our spicy cajun blackened fish sandwich. 

tarte is opposite the Village Green on the High Street in Brasted (TN16 1JE) next door to the White Hart Pub. You’ll see the Deli Truck parked outside on the A25. Service will get underway at 06:30pm

All the disposables on the Deli Truck – that includes cups, plates, knives forks and spoons are all biodegradable at least and in many cases are fully compostable as well. our plates are made of sugar starch and will compost in just 6 weeks our cold drink cups are  made of plant starch and are fully compostable and biodegradable. But we don’t rest on our laurels – we are forever striving to bring you better quality food, with less additives and funny chemicals. We have just started our own gardens for suppling organic lettuce for our burgers and salads – and we hope this is just a start. 

How to cook BBQ

Big preparation day for special food event at BMW Tunbridge Wells tomorrow. Started prep on pulled pork, Salt Beef, hamburgers and our very special Easter brownies. The Pork shoulder has been encased in our special rub for three days and has just hot the smoker for 8 hours. Our salt beef has come out it’s brine after 8 days and is now simmering in a special selection of spices and herbs to make the perfect salt beef sandwich. And our very large 8oz burgers have just been made and we snuck a little taste for lunch – fabo fabo.

Pork Shoulder, BBQ

Our free range Pork Shoulder from Batchelors the Butcher – covered in its Rub. It will sit on this rub for three days before cooking

The smoker below is ready for business – The fire box on the right is filled with charcoal and then topped with the wetted apple and oakwood. The wood chunks are beside the meat. The darker wood on the left is the Oak which adds real depth of flavour but has to be used sparingly and the lighter wood is apple which gives a sweetness to the pork that is unrivalled. In 8 hours this will be finally cooked and be ready for pulling.

deli truck, smoker, smoked pork, pulled pork,

The smoker about to start work for the next 8 hours of so.

Below our burger meat is taking shape. Our very large 8oz burgers being formed. We make them round for easier transportation, and then flatten them on the grill when we cook them. Like all our burgers these will served with two different cheeses and two rashers of bacon with salad and our home made Russian dressing.

hamburger, fresh meat, 8oz burger,

Hamburgers being made. This meat is a mixture of various meats including skirt, re-eye and brisket. We find this gives the best flavour. Being formed into 8 ounce balls

Below is the Brisket (for salt beef) after 8 days in a brine curing mix. This is about to go into a pan of fresh water with a selection of classic spices for the final 4 hour simmering. Spices which really give the brisket it’s final instantly recognisable flavour are onion, carrots, bay leaf, all-spice berries, bouquet garnis, black peppercorns and a few other wonder spices.

Brisket, salt beef, cured brisket, deli truck,


deli true, salt beef, spices,

After around 8 days of curing, the Brisket is rinsed off and simmered for 4 hours in a broth made up essentially of pickling spices, like bay and all spice berry. This gives it its final distinctive flavour.

Success at BMW – join us next month

Deli Truck, bmw

Deli Truck at BMW


Yesterday was a huge success, thanks to all our twitter and blog followers – and BMW and their clients for all their kind words and support. And an special thanks to Steve Franklyn the manager of BMW motorcycles who supported us from the beginning. The Dealer Principal of Coopers BMW Tunbridge Wells (a youngish connected dude) made our day by saying we had served him the best Salt Beef Sandwich he had ever had and he will no longer be going back to Selfridges for his Salt Beef hit. We will be back same place, same time on Saturday the 26th of April.

deli truck, BMW

Deli truck at BMW

Great time at Camden Market in London

Camden Market has for many years been a destination venue for tourists and and locals alike. With acres of street fashion, street food and a groovy street attitude. The people from Camden Lock Market were pleased to invite us in as a Pre-christmas introduction to Gourmet Street Food for their customers. We did the usual suspects our 8 inch high double everything burger, our legendary 10 hour smoked pulled pork and of course our signature Salt Beef sandwich. Business was a bit slow, but it gave us time to catch up with the other food vendors around our pitch. And I have to say it’s the people who serve quality food in the market who made it for us. There were generous, willing to help and give great advice. And all of them must have been under the age 30. Great people passionate about their food


camden Market, deli Truck

At Camden Market. The weather was cool but the welcome was warm.


Deli Truck, CAmden Lock Market

Deli Truck at Camden Market in London