Private party in grand home

From the Hostess to her guests, the morning after: “Hi everyone, Thank you all for your messages today. We had such a fab evening, so lovely having everyone here. J and I managed to sneak off around 2:15am, leaving the hardcore Michael Jackson fans in full thriller mode. I want to thank Dennis and Miri so much for catering for us last night. The menu was perfect and the courses were absolutely delicious. They both put so much time and effort into last night and it showed. Anyone planning an event must check out, from deli truck to fine dining, I think everyone will agree, it was perfect.  See you all for the next one”
L & J,  Brasted, Kent

From a guest: “Such a fabulous evening, there were a lot of laughs and probably a lot of sore heads on Sunday. Thanks Dennis, Miri, the food was delicious!”  Vicki C-S

Our first private sit down dinner party of the 2016 season was a spectacular event – with guests  enjoying a lavish menu in a wonderful house. We were asked to produce a menu using quality ingredients for a group of “meat loving” foodies who all love their food and great parties. We were lucky that the hosts kitchen was large with much bench space for plating up, cooking and preparation. The dining room where the guests were seated on two large tables was a short walk from the kitchen down a front hallway. All in all, for in-house private catering, it doesn’t get better than this. For the event we had three staff in the kitchen and two servers in the dining room including a professional mixologist on the bar who double up as a waiter.


Plating up the entree of hot smoked salmon (smoked over oaks and apple wood) on a pea and wasabi puree with asparagus and broad beans

The main course was Prime Rib-Eye roasted and then carved into single steak sized portions. We decided to cook the rib-eye American style, very low and slow, to maintain moisture and when cooked medium the pink was right through the joint. This does take exacting timing, when you are cooking meat at 100 degrees and then wanting at least 45 minutes resting. Two complete ribs were seared at a high temperature than placed in the low ovens 4 hours before service. Every ½ hour we basted in Marrow oil and took an internal temperature reading. At just over three hours in the oven the internal temperature of the meat reached 63 degrees. We retrieved the meat from the oven and rested under foil for  a hour. During this time we made fresh Béarnaise sauce and the marrow gravy, whipped up egg whites and them added to the already seasoned carrot puree for the carrot soufflé.


Pre service briefing with the two wait-staff and kitchen staff in the hosts amazing kitchen.



The Menu


Scraping the bone marrow out of 8 large marrow bones. The marrow oil in the bottom of the pan after roasting was collected into a syringe and injected into the middle of each full rib-eye. The marrow chunks were  warmed with the roasted pan juices to made an incredible sauce for those who wished to have more than the home made béarnaise sauce.


For dessert we were asked to do do something simple and refreshing – so we choose a home made lemon posset – which we made very tart and lemony. We dusted with corn flowers and crystallised rose petal – and served with a lemon biscuit and our home made crystallised lemon skin.


A super fun Romney Marsh wedding

Our first wedding of the 2016 season got the Deli Truck off to a great start for the year. We were asked by the lovely about-to-be newly weds to feed up to 90 people at an outside venue on the windswept but amazingly romantic Romney Marsh. What a great bunch of people – and they appreciated our menu.


A queue for the Deli Truck on the Romney Marsh

The young couple wanted a “Route66” theme for their wedding and menu so we came up with a mixed menu of Southern US greats.







A glittering farm house “shared birthday” in the Weald of Kent.

Our host wanted an unforgettable shared birthday party – a 50th for his wife (she looked 35) and a 21st for his daughter. The venue was fantastic – a series of barns and outside dancing areas with an enclosed courtyard area for covered dancing and partying. Our client also wanted a fun festival feel to the event with a number of food trucks sited beside the main barn.

Deli Truck, catering, venue

The Venue four hours before the party begins

Our client wanted pre dinner nibbles for his 130 guests – so we started our preparation for the evening producing 500 individual canapés. We always make our canapés fresh, just minutes before they are needed, so they don’t wilt or loose their crispiness and flavour.

Deli Truck, canapés, wedding

Dennis preparing canapés on site for 130 guests.

Deli Truck, canapés, catering

Piping Mackerel Mousse into Vol-au-Vente cases. very yummy – these disappeared very quickly.

We also supplied a whole Jamon ham for the party which we carved as requested by the guests – this was a big hit as you can see below. We worked with a very professional party organiser for this event –

Thank you for your kind words and importantly for doing such a wonderful job with the Deli Truck.  It has been such a pleasure to work with you over the weeks.  Your enthusiasm and knowledge left me in no doubt the catering would be a huge success.   The Deli Truck looked gorgeous and the food was delicious.  Thank you Dennis and Miri. I do hope we get the chance to work together in the future.”  Lizzie Smith

Deli Truck, Coleslaw, catering

Queue for the Deli Truck beside the whole Jamon – cut for clients on request. Beside is mini tubs of coleslaw.

Deli Truck, catering,

Menu card for a joint 50th and 21st birthday party in Kent – supplied by the Deli Truck

Deli Truck, Catering, Jamon ham,

Dennis Carving Jamon Ham off the bone guests

Deli Truck, caterers, Kent

Four very happy guests at the Deli Truck

Deli Truck, catering, kent

Queue outside the Deli Truck – Late night after dancing and drinking for a second helping of our specialities.

Deli Truck, catering, Kent

Guests deep in concentration wondering what to order at the Deli Truck

Deli Truck, catering, kent, food truck,

The Deli Truck on site in the Weald of Kent

Del Truck, food truck, catering, Kent, weddings

Preparation still going on – What a great idea – to turn an out side courtyard into a dancing tent with an ancient Olive tree centre stage. A magical room.

Deli Truck, Catering, Kent

Ready for service in a magical position just outside the main bar.

Making an amazing choc-tastic chocolate mousse, with cherry brandy and morello cherry jelly

We have just finished making 60 “individual chocolate mousses on top of fresh raspberry, morello cherries, and cherry brandy jelly” The jelly base was made from the juices from the morello cherries and about half a bottle of Cherry brandy – in that mixture we have added fresh raspberries and morello cherries – so a very fruity and adult flavoured jelly base – with home made chocolate mousse on top. Takes 3 blocks of chocolate for very 12 servings of Mousse.

Morello and raspberries in cherry brandy and sugar waiting to go into our mousse dessert

Morello and raspberries in cherry brandy and sugar waiting to go into our mousse dessert

Melting the chocolate

Melting the chocolate

Adding egg white to the chocolate, egg yolk and cream mixture

Adding egg white to the chocolate, egg yolk and cream mixture

The end result - Chocolate mousse over a morello cherry and cherry brandy jelly studded with fruit.

The end result – Chocolate mousse over a morello cherry and cherry brandy jelly studded with fruit.

Cooking up our simple version of Peperonata for a big party

One of our party clients wanted an informal day but some fairly formal food as a lot of the guests were coming from culinary school in Switzerland for her party. They clearly wanted different salads, instead of the usual, for their gourmet guests. We suggested our own home grown lettuce and leaves for a green and red salad, the leaves to be picked on the day of the event from the Deli Truck HQ garden. We also suggested an old favourite from the south of France – a fabulously simple red pepper, fresh basil and garlic salad with a side of anchovy fillets.

deli truck, peppers, catering

Stacks of Peppers ready to be prepped for the grill

We char the peppers under a very hot grill, then in batches let them sweat in plastic bags, so the burnt skin just brushes off. It’s wonderful at this stage how the peppers completely change flavour to a deep nutty richness. They also start producing their own oil, we just add a bit of extra virgin olive oil to help things along, oh and fresh garlic of course. And with many many peppers to do – this will be a half day bake and make – but the smell at Deli Truck HQ is worth the effort. I personally don’t think there is a better smell than peppers being charred. 

Deli Truck, catering< peppers

The peppers after 10 minutes under a very hot grill

deli truck,

The blackened skins being peeling off the peppers

Peppers getting a big slurp of extra virgin olive oil

Peppers getting a big slurp of extra virgin olive oil

And the final result - peppers with Garlic on the buffet. We made 150 individual pieces of peperonata they all disappeared with in 45 minutes.

And the final result – peppers with Garlic on the buffet. We made 150 individual pieces of peperonata they all disappeared with in 45 minutes.

Deli Truck now grows it’s own organic salad

Deli Truck has always been about quality food sourced responsibly. OUr aim is to cut as much of the chemical additives from our food as possible. We think the best way to get crispy, just picked, organic (no artificial fertilisers, no insecticides) lettuce leaves is to grow it ourselves. Our test patch has been hugely successful. We decided to grow all our edible leaves above ground, in terracotta pots to keep it off the ground – away from the crawlies that love our lettuce.

Deli Truck lettuce

Growing our own organic lettuce

The taste is fantastic – we have a slightly bitter Italian variety and two other varieties of softer texture and tasting lettuce. Over the next weeks we will be supplying all our clients salads from our own garden – in Kent.

Deli Truck Lettuce organic

Testing the best lettuce varieties for our burgers and salads 

Deli Truck lettuce organic

Radicchio style lettuce growing on Deli Trucks lettuce test stand 

Deli Truck organic Lettuce farm

Deli Truck organic Lettuce farm


Fabo hill top party with great views and spectacular Deli Truck food.

We organised a relaxed and fun party yesterday for great clients who tasted our food last summer and decided to use us for their own party. The venue had the most fantastic views over the Weald of Kent. Sun was shining food was fantastic. With a new member of staff on board the truck service was much more relaxed even when everybody wanted a cajun fish sandwich at the same time. Thanks Laura you were great. As the weather was so warm we decided to try our home-made Deli-Truck lemonade on the party – 45 large juicy lemons to 10 litres of water, with just a little sugar syrup – seriously good and it disappeared very quickly. A great day. The menu was simple but tasty and to our surprise the Cajun fish sandwich “sold out” very very quickly. For a party of 48 adults it’s unusual to sell more 10 pieces of fish – we sold all 25 pieces on board the truck. But it did look good and we think that’s what started the rush.

Deli Truck clients eating

Deli Truck clients eating


Deli Truck puddings

Deli Truck puddings

Deli Truck Menu

Deli Truck Menu

Deli Truck view

Deli Truck view

Deli Truck trifle

Deli Truck trifle

Deli Truck view

Deli Truck view 2

Deli Truck home made tomato sauce

Deli Truck home made tomato sauce

Deli Truck happy clients

Deli Truck crowd

Deli Truck clients ordering food

Deli Truck clients ordering food

Deli Truck  "home made" "tomato sauce" onto her burger

Deli Truck client drizzling our home made tomato sauce onto her burger

Deli Truck Burger

Our burger ready to eat