The Deli Truck at secret beer festival

The owner of this pub is not big on advertising – in fact the Old House at Ightham is perfectly named – with no signs and no overt advertising this is just like an Old House.  It’s almost invitation only as Nick the Publican is holding a small (but perfectly formed) beer festival this week-end. The Deli Truck will there on the 29th of May from midday to 10 pm,  and we will be selling our favourites.

Our menu will include our top sellers. Our freshly made double cheese/bacon steak burger – our 10 hour smoked pulled pork – our cajun sea bass fillet and our Texas monster beefy chilli dog, with Korean spices.
The Old House Pub dates from the 17th century and is on the Campaign for Real Ale’s National Inventory of Historic Pub Interiors. The owner of this pub is known and respected for his dedication to real ale, with a continuously changing beer menu from many boutique brewers and some of the big ones as well.


The Old House at Ightham – no signs, you can easily miss it when you drive past.

This is going to be a real fun day – a relaxed pub, great beer and Deli Truck food. Come and join us at Redwell Lane, Ightham, TN15 9EE, Kent


This is a great pub – like pubs used to be, with a very dedicated group of locals who love the place.

On our Menu will be our usual favourites – our 8oz double cheese/bacon burger our home made pulled pork sandwich and our sea bass fillet on a panini and a new favourite our Texas style brat sausage topped with beefy spicy chilli – messy but sensationally robust flavours.


The Old House at Ightham – beer festival Sunday the 29th of May from midday to 10pm.


Del Truck Texan Chilli Dog

A super fun Romney Marsh wedding

Our first wedding of the 2016 season got the Deli Truck off to a great start for the year. We were asked by the lovely about-to-be newly weds to feed up to 90 people at an outside venue on the windswept but amazingly romantic Romney Marsh. What a great bunch of people – and they appreciated our menu.


A queue for the Deli Truck on the Romney Marsh

The young couple wanted a “Route66” theme for their wedding and menu so we came up with a mixed menu of Southern US greats.







A glittering farm house “shared birthday” in the Weald of Kent.

Our host wanted an unforgettable shared birthday party – a 50th for his wife (she looked 35) and a 21st for his daughter. The venue was fantastic – a series of barns and outside dancing areas with an enclosed courtyard area for covered dancing and partying. Our client also wanted a fun festival feel to the event with a number of food trucks sited beside the main barn.

Deli Truck, catering, venue

The Venue four hours before the party begins

Our client wanted pre dinner nibbles for his 130 guests – so we started our preparation for the evening producing 500 individual canapés. We always make our canapés fresh, just minutes before they are needed, so they don’t wilt or loose their crispiness and flavour.

Deli Truck, canapés, wedding

Dennis preparing canapés on site for 130 guests.

Deli Truck, canapés, catering

Piping Mackerel Mousse into Vol-au-Vente cases. very yummy – these disappeared very quickly.

We also supplied a whole Jamon ham for the party which we carved as requested by the guests – this was a big hit as you can see below. We worked with a very professional party organiser for this event –

Thank you for your kind words and importantly for doing such a wonderful job with the Deli Truck.  It has been such a pleasure to work with you over the weeks.  Your enthusiasm and knowledge left me in no doubt the catering would be a huge success.   The Deli Truck looked gorgeous and the food was delicious.  Thank you Dennis and Miri. I do hope we get the chance to work together in the future.”  Lizzie Smith

Deli Truck, Coleslaw, catering

Queue for the Deli Truck beside the whole Jamon – cut for clients on request. Beside is mini tubs of coleslaw.

Deli Truck, catering,

Menu card for a joint 50th and 21st birthday party in Kent – supplied by the Deli Truck

Deli Truck, Catering, Jamon ham,

Dennis Carving Jamon Ham off the bone guests

Deli Truck, caterers, Kent

Four very happy guests at the Deli Truck

Deli Truck, catering, kent

Queue outside the Deli Truck – Late night after dancing and drinking for a second helping of our specialities.

Deli Truck, catering, Kent

Guests deep in concentration wondering what to order at the Deli Truck

Deli Truck, catering, kent, food truck,

The Deli Truck on site in the Weald of Kent

Del Truck, food truck, catering, Kent, weddings

Preparation still going on – What a great idea – to turn an out side courtyard into a dancing tent with an ancient Olive tree centre stage. A magical room.

Deli Truck, Catering, Kent

Ready for service in a magical position just outside the main bar.

Sweet applewood for smoked pork

A new source of sweet sweet smoking wood – one of the limbs of our very old apple tree at Deli Truck HQ, finally decided to break off under weight of this years crop and dropped into our track. Miri, showing her skills with the chainsaw, cutting it up to use as wood for our smoker. Will give a very sweet delicate flavour to our pulled pork.

Miri with chainsaw chopping applewood.

Miri with chainsaw chopping applewood.

First farmers market for the year

Yes we are back at the Tunbridge Wells Farmers Market tomorrow (Saturday) and we have a busy day today preparing. We are simmering Brisket for Salt Beef, Smoking Pork Shoulder for our famous pulled Pork with home made BBQ sauce, and cutting chilli for our robust and warming Chille con Carne (served hot with a dollop of sour cream and chives)

Salt Beef, Coleslaw, Deli Truck,

Our famous Salt Beef Sandwich – served Chipolte Coleslaw and Pickles on Rye

Tomorrow I am also pinching a recipe from the Mr. Jamie Oliver and producing gallons of his hot scrumpy mulled cider served piping hot with all the usual suspects – cinnaman, nutmeg, vanilla pods, star anise, etc etc.. So come and join us for a least a hot toddy and if you in a hungry mood grab one of our home made super tasty hot sandwiches. We shall be at the TWBC Farmers Market from 0900 ’till 1400. We’d love to see you all.

Great day at Bicester Heritage

Our first time at Bicester Heritage as a quest of Ludo Parayre who owns vintage car company “Lap63”. Ludo wanted us to feed his clients and potential clients at Bicester Heritages’s first vintage car, bike and plane open day for the year. Despite the cold an amazing number of people turned out to see a fine array of vehicles. I popped around the corner of one building and found three pre 1960’s Ferrari’s sitting in the hazy frosty sunshine – around another corner was a fine collection of historic British motorcycles and in another building a TR7, a Stag and an early 1970’s Porsche Turbo… Sadly because of the overcast the 40 historic aircraft that were scheduled to fly into the former RAF Bicester for the day had to cancel, but they will have another attempt at the next open day in April. We fed over 200 people during lunch outside Ludo Parayre office and showroom space. What a great day.

Deli Truck, Bicester Heritage,

Queues at Bicester Heritage for Deli Truck food – the building in the background was used extensively in the just released film “The Imitation Game”

Queues at Bicester Heritage for Deli Truck food

Queues at Bicester Heritage for Deli Truck food

Two fabo old cars outside the Deli Truck

Two fabo old cars outside the Deli Truck

Serving our famous pulled pork sandwich tot he crowds

Serving our famous pulled pork sandwich to the crowds

How to cook the best Pulled Pork

If you’ve wondered how we make our pulled pork so tasty and authentic then check out this video. A lot of people claim to make pulled pork, but cook the pork in the oven and add a chemical “smoke in a bottle” to give it a smoked flavour.  The only authentic way is to smoke over coals with real wood chips – It take much longer and you have to tend the fire every 20 minutes or so for up to 8 hours – But the flavour is incomparable.

Menu for Saturday at Tunbridge Wells Farmers Market with a special Christmas treat

We have a special Christmas recipe along with our all time favourites this Saturday the 13th of December.

Our famous pulled Pork and our big selling Salt Beef on rye will, as usual, be on the menu – along with a lovely warming spicy Chilli con Carne – very beefy, very spicy and topped with a cooling dollop of sour cream. We are selling our chilli in two different sizes – For those not up to our large pot we have a smaller dish of chill for just £3.50.

But our big Christmas treat this Saturday will be a Texas smoked Turkey in a wrap for easy eating. Along with the our spicy Turkey meat we will add our scrumptious cranberry, bacon  and walnut stuffing. All of this will be topped with a “bread sauce and cranberry gravy”. This is a superbly tasty dish with many textures and flavours and all for £5.50. Also join us for a lovely warming sherry to go with your wrap – on us. And of course for the brave we will still be selling our pickle-back cocktail.

So all in all a great day and a great menu – I hope you can join us outside the council offices this Saturday from 0900 to 1400.

deli truck turkey wrap

Our smoked Turkey as it comes off the rotisserie. We break this up and dunk it in gravy before we serve it in a wrap with bacon and cranberry stuffing.

Great night at “tarte” in Brasted

We’re resting up today after an very very busy night at “tarte” restaurant in Brasted. A huge success with well over 100 customers satisfied by our food and the ministrations of the wonderful “tarte” wait staff. A great evening. we set up outside the restaurant on the High Street and first orders started at 6.30pm.

Deli Truck,

The Deli Truck set up outside “tarte” in Brasted about an hour before the crowds turned up all at the same time. Crazy first hour of service.


Deli Truck

The Deli Truck at the end of service -a very successful first night at Taste

We had started preparing for our one night only appearance at tarte 4 days before the evening – as we rested our pork shoulders (for our pulled pork) on our secret Texas rub for 48 hours before they went into our smoker for ten hours over oak and apple woods.

Deli Truck

Our special rub is used to flavour the pork for 48 hours before cooking . Made up of paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, cumin, oregano and a few other things…

The burgers we made came from one large piece of Black Angus top side.

Del Truck Burger

We cut the topside from a 10 kilo lump into a five 2 kilo strips so we can hang them in our commercial fridge in the Deli truck. This dries the meat out and ages it for a couple more days. The dryer meat means a much better texture to the burger – it holds together better – and great flavour.


deli truck, burgers

The topside has been minced and formed into largish 7oz burgers. Thie went well with our other menu items for our night at “tarte” in Brasted – We served our famous spicy pulled pork sandwich and our cajun blackened Sea Bass.


Deli Truck, menu, catering

OUr menu board on the truck for the night.

Getting ready for our one night at “taste” in Brasted

This saturday coming we are teaming up with “tarte” restaurant to bring the taste and flavours of the Deli Truck to the public. This is a special one night only affair starting at 1800 and ending when everybody is full.  The Deli Truck will be parked outside the restaurant, opposite the village green, for service from 6.00 PM on the evening of the 16th of August. We have created a classic Deli Truck menu for the evening including our famous pure beef bacon and cheese burger, our spicy Cajun blackened Sea Bass sandwich served with our home made potato salad and finally our very successful 12 hour smoked pulled pork sandwich.

Deli Truck Camden Market

The Deli Truck at Camden Market in London

As many of you knowThe Deli Truck tries very hard to be a responsible and eco minded food truck. For example all our disposables – that’s takeaway plates, cutlery and cups – are all bio-degradable and compostable. A number of clients have asked me what a compostable plate or cup means. So to clear up any ambiguity – the plates and cups we buy, if shredded and put into a compost heap, will have disappeared within 3 months. They are made of either vegetable starch for cellulose starch.

We try to be a responsible with our food sourcing. For the event at taste this Saturday – our burger meat comes from one 11.5 kilo piece of beef from the topside. ThIs will make around 65 x 6oz burgers. We cut the beef into manageable pieces that will fit through our grinder. When the beef is ground we form it into 6oz patties and add absolutely nothing to the meat at all. A good burger with good meat should be treated like a steak, add nothing to mixture – with only salt and pepper on the outside added during cooking.

The same for our pulled pork – we get many compliments about this dish mainly because we take the time to do it traditionally. There are no shortcuts. we roll whole bone-in shoulders of pork in our special rub texas rub. 24 hours later we smoke it for up to 12 hours over oak and cherry wood. We then “pull” it apart and serve it with our spicy rich BBQ sauce, also home made to our own recipe. Our pork is locally sourced from Batchelors the butcher in Riverhead.

Deli Truck catering "pulled pork"

Deli Truck pulled pork – 3 large shoulders of pork covered in our special texas rub for 24 hours before hitting the smoker for up to 12 hours.

Hope you can join us on Saturday night – if the restaurant is booked out we will still be able to have some of the fastest American Style food in the South East – as will also be doing takeaways.