Fresh Burger Buns for takeout feast

Started making the buns for tomorrows “Monster Burger” evening in Limpsfield. This is a milk and butter bun – which has the strength to hold our freshly minced 1/2 pound piece of ground beef (Skirt, Brisket, Chuck) – along with the cheddar cheese and bacon.

We spent two years trying to find a commercial burger bun that didn’t fall apart under the dual assault of moisture and heat. In the end we had to make our own. By adding full cream milk and butter to the recipe, the bun is crispier and stronger.

Garden party a great success

Giving the beloved Deli Truck its usual power clean this morning after yesterdays garden party for the staff of a very generous boss. Most of the guests came down from London and they went crazy over the salt beef. Unusual venue for us, as the hosts had a very large back garden that couldn’t be accessed by the truck – and they had a very small and steeply climbing front drive. (see photo below) So we parked the truck right outside their front door – with guests ordering their food and walking through the house to the lovely tree lined and very spacious back garden. A great result.

Deli Truck menu

The Menu for our guests most of which you saw being made in my last post

deli truck

Truck on a difficult slopping site – but it’s true the deli truck can go any where you want.

Deli Truck for the public – one night only at “tarte” in Brasted

“tarte” of Brasted and the Deli Truck  are bringing American style Gourmet Street Food to Brasted as a special summer celebration for one night only. “tarte” is well known for introducing innovative new menus and guest cooks to its Brasted eatery just opposite the village green.

On Saturday the 16th of August you will be able to enjoy the  renowned New York Style Deli food from the Deli Truck, while tarte will provide sides, desserts, wines and beers.

All the food on the Deli Truck is made in house, even the BBQ and Burger Sauces are made by us.

No Additives, No preservatives, No Chemicals. All our meat is sourced from Batchelors the Butchers in Sevenoaks and is guaranteed to be from the UK.  Table reservations are recommended and take-aways are also available. Contact tarte on 01959 565446

The Deli Truck has been hailed  by one London critic as producingsome of the best modern American street food in the UK”.  So enjoy one of our hand ground double cheese and double bacon burgers – or our authentic 8 hour smoked pulled pork sandwich or our spicy cajun blackened fish sandwich. 

tarte is opposite the Village Green on the High Street in Brasted (TN16 1JE) next door to the White Hart Pub. You’ll see the Deli Truck parked outside on the A25. Service will get underway at 06:30pm

All the disposables on the Deli Truck – that includes cups, plates, knives forks and spoons are all biodegradable at least and in many cases are fully compostable as well. our plates are made of sugar starch and will compost in just 6 weeks our cold drink cups are  made of plant starch and are fully compostable and biodegradable. But we don’t rest on our laurels – we are forever striving to bring you better quality food, with less additives and funny chemicals. We have just started our own gardens for suppling organic lettuce for our burgers and salads – and we hope this is just a start. 

Fabo hill top party with great views and spectacular Deli Truck food.

We organised a relaxed and fun party yesterday for great clients who tasted our food last summer and decided to use us for their own party. The venue had the most fantastic views over the Weald of Kent. Sun was shining food was fantastic. With a new member of staff on board the truck service was much more relaxed even when everybody wanted a cajun fish sandwich at the same time. Thanks Laura you were great. As the weather was so warm we decided to try our home-made Deli-Truck lemonade on the party – 45 large juicy lemons to 10 litres of water, with just a little sugar syrup – seriously good and it disappeared very quickly. A great day. The menu was simple but tasty and to our surprise the Cajun fish sandwich “sold out” very very quickly. For a party of 48 adults it’s unusual to sell more 10 pieces of fish – we sold all 25 pieces on board the truck. But it did look good and we think that’s what started the rush.

Deli Truck clients eating

Deli Truck clients eating


Deli Truck puddings

Deli Truck puddings

Deli Truck Menu

Deli Truck Menu

Deli Truck view

Deli Truck view

Deli Truck trifle

Deli Truck trifle

Deli Truck view

Deli Truck view 2

Deli Truck home made tomato sauce

Deli Truck home made tomato sauce

Deli Truck happy clients

Deli Truck crowd

Deli Truck clients ordering food

Deli Truck clients ordering food

Deli Truck  "home made" "tomato sauce" onto her burger

Deli Truck client drizzling our home made tomato sauce onto her burger

Deli Truck Burger

Our burger ready to eat

Great Menu in Tunbridge Wells

Join us for our once a month BMW feast at the BMW motorcycle dealership in Tunbridge Wells tomorrow (saturday 31st of May) Menu is our usual yummy stuff – to include – our outrageous double cheese, double bacon burger, our I8 our smoked pulled pork sandwich and our cajun fish sandwich on panini. Weather is going to be brilliant for a relaxing lunch. Hope to see you all there

The Best Burger Bun – Ever


burger bun, burger, deli truck, baking

Our home made burger buns fresh from the oven

We think this is the best burger bun in the world – why? because we make it ourselves. We spent months trying to find the perfect burger bun, but keep being disappointed. Believe it or not there is quite a lot of science involved in getting just the right bun. Firstly it has to be tough enough to handle a super heated 8 oz piece of pure beef, it has to soak up meat, cheese and bacon juices with out disintegrating and it has to have a warm doughy interior for taste and “mouth feel” We finally decided, after talking to friends in the US, that we would try a burger bun made out of “soft pretzel dough” This is a wonderful dough – but to make it into a bun takes a lot of work because just like a bagel, this bun is simmered in water for 60 seconds before it’s popped in the oven for a further 20 minutes. The genius behind this way of cooking is that the outside of the bun becomes firm, but pliable – in other words it doesn’t break up and the inside is still delightfully bready and rich and soft. So finally we have found our perfect burger bun and we hope you enjoy it next time you come and see us.  The next set of pictures show how we made our first small test batch.

burger buns, deli truck

Forming the dough into small balls before the second rising.


deli truck, burger buns

Arty shot of me forming buns.


deli truck, burger buns

uncooked bun dough then goes into a pan of simmering water for 30 seconds on each side.


deli truck, burger buns

rolls being poached, see how much they puff up


deli truck burger buns

Poached buns are lifted from the water and glazed with an egg and milk mixture.


Deli truck, burger buns

The rolls are then sliced into a cross cut, because the outside of the roll is now cooked and has killed the yeast, but the inside is still raw and needs to expand rapidly once it gets in the oven – these slits allow the expansion without the roll exploding .


deli truck burger bun

The end result and they were soft and doughy inside. Fantastic