First farmers market for the year

Yes we are back at the Tunbridge Wells Farmers Market tomorrow (Saturday) and we have a busy day today preparing. We are simmering Brisket for Salt Beef, Smoking Pork Shoulder for our famous pulled Pork with home made BBQ sauce, and cutting chilli for our robust and warming Chille con Carne (served hot with a dollop of sour cream and chives)

Salt Beef, Coleslaw, Deli Truck,

Our famous Salt Beef Sandwich – served Chipolte Coleslaw and Pickles on Rye

Tomorrow I am also pinching a recipe from the Mr. Jamie Oliver and producing gallons of his hot scrumpy mulled cider served piping hot with all the usual suspects – cinnaman, nutmeg, vanilla pods, star anise, etc etc.. So come and join us for a least a hot toddy and if you in a hungry mood grab one of our home made super tasty hot sandwiches. We shall be at the TWBC Farmers Market from 0900 ’till 1400. We’d love to see you all.

Menu for Saturday at Tunbridge Wells Farmers Market with a special Christmas treat

We have a special Christmas recipe along with our all time favourites this Saturday the 13th of December.

Our famous pulled Pork and our big selling Salt Beef on rye will, as usual, be on the menu – along with a lovely warming spicy Chilli con Carne – very beefy, very spicy and topped with a cooling dollop of sour cream. We are selling our chilli in two different sizes – For those not up to our large pot we have a smaller dish of chill for just £3.50.

But our big Christmas treat this Saturday will be a Texas smoked Turkey in a wrap for easy eating. Along with the our spicy Turkey meat we will add our scrumptious cranberry, bacon  and walnut stuffing. All of this will be topped with a “bread sauce and cranberry gravy”. This is a superbly tasty dish with many textures and flavours and all for £5.50. Also join us for a lovely warming sherry to go with your wrap – on us. And of course for the brave we will still be selling our pickle-back cocktail.

So all in all a great day and a great menu – I hope you can join us outside the council offices this Saturday from 0900 to 1400.

deli truck turkey wrap

Our smoked Turkey as it comes off the rotisserie. We break this up and dunk it in gravy before we serve it in a wrap with bacon and cranberry stuffing.

Deli Truck debuts at Tunbridge Wells Farmers Market

Great excitement as the Deli Truck appears at the Tunbridge Wells Farmers Market this Saturday for the first time. We have a special gourmet menu for the occasion with a selection of our big hits including our homemade Salt Beef on Rye, our famous 8 hour smoked pulled pork, BBQ ribs with potato salad and our renowned Cajun Sea bass Sandwich. Miri will be making her outrageous chocolate brownies as well. We’ll be parked up on Civic Way, just outside the Town Hall from 9 am through to 2 pm this Saturday. Hope to see you.

Garden party a great success

Giving the beloved Deli Truck its usual power clean this morning after yesterdays garden party for the staff of a very generous boss. Most of the guests came down from London and they went crazy over the salt beef. Unusual venue for us, as the hosts had a very large back garden that couldn’t be accessed by the truck – and they had a very small and steeply climbing front drive. (see photo below) So we parked the truck right outside their front door – with guests ordering their food and walking through the house to the lovely tree lined and very spacious back garden. A great result.

Deli Truck menu

The Menu for our guests most of which you saw being made in my last post

deli truck

Truck on a difficult slopping site – but it’s true the deli truck can go any where you want.

Preparing for another party – with yummy salt beef

This party is being hosted by a very generous boss who is thanking his staff for a years hard work by spoiling them with a Deli Truck feast on Saturday morning. This menu has my personal favourite on it – our outrageously brilliant salt beef. We have been busy this morning making sweet almond pastry flans for our traditional strawberry tart filled with Creme Patissiere and organic strawberries. Since posting the “how to make” of one of these tarts on the 26th of May we have had endless requests from customers to have it on their menu. We make the pastry as short as we can with loads of butter and the addition of Almond Meal. Gives it a real kick. Also this morning (for tomorrows party) We will be starting the 4 hour simmer of our salt beef – for our famous salt beef sandwich. As you can see the brisket has been brined for 8 days in a selection of pickling spices and is now being simmered. The basic simmering flavours are a mirepoix (carrot, celery, onion) and crushed peppercorns, juniper berries and bay leaf. Also making the individual wild cherry and chocolate mousse puddings this morning. All good fun. Can’t wait to taste the salt beef when cooked.

deli truck pudding mousse deli truck pudding mousse

deli truck pudding mousse

Wild Cherry and chocolate mousse pudding

deli truck strawberry tart

Pastry case for strawberry tart. loads of butter and almond meal


deli truck salt beef

Simmering components

deli truck sat beef

Spices for Salt Beef

Deli truck Salt Beef

Salt beef slowing simmering for 3 to 4 hours

Our menu boards for BMW promo tour in T’bridge Wells

WE hope to see you at BMW Tunbridge Wells on the 26th of April. We decided to keep our prices low and our yummy-ness factor high for the BMW promotion. This is what we had to offer.

Salt Beef, Deli,

Our Famous Salt Beef

Coopers BMW, BMW, Deli Truck

Our steak Sandwich Menu board for our next Gourmet food outing at BMW Tunbrige wells

Pulled Pork, pork

OUr home made Pulled Pork has always been one of our best sellers. WE smoke this ourselves for 8 hours over oak and apple wood


meat ball, Deli Truck,

OUr famous Meat BAll Sub, in a rich and thick tomato sauce and a good strong Italian cheese

beef burgers, burger

Our beef burgers are the talk of “flavour town”

How to cook BBQ

Big preparation day for special food event at BMW Tunbridge Wells tomorrow. Started prep on pulled pork, Salt Beef, hamburgers and our very special Easter brownies. The Pork shoulder has been encased in our special rub for three days and has just hot the smoker for 8 hours. Our salt beef has come out it’s brine after 8 days and is now simmering in a special selection of spices and herbs to make the perfect salt beef sandwich. And our very large 8oz burgers have just been made and we snuck a little taste for lunch – fabo fabo.

Pork Shoulder, BBQ

Our free range Pork Shoulder from Batchelors the Butcher – covered in its Rub. It will sit on this rub for three days before cooking

The smoker below is ready for business – The fire box on the right is filled with charcoal and then topped with the wetted apple and oakwood. The wood chunks are beside the meat. The darker wood on the left is the Oak which adds real depth of flavour but has to be used sparingly and the lighter wood is apple which gives a sweetness to the pork that is unrivalled. In 8 hours this will be finally cooked and be ready for pulling.

deli truck, smoker, smoked pork, pulled pork,

The smoker about to start work for the next 8 hours of so.

Below our burger meat is taking shape. Our very large 8oz burgers being formed. We make them round for easier transportation, and then flatten them on the grill when we cook them. Like all our burgers these will served with two different cheeses and two rashers of bacon with salad and our home made Russian dressing.

hamburger, fresh meat, 8oz burger,

Hamburgers being made. This meat is a mixture of various meats including skirt, re-eye and brisket. We find this gives the best flavour. Being formed into 8 ounce balls

Below is the Brisket (for salt beef) after 8 days in a brine curing mix. This is about to go into a pan of fresh water with a selection of classic spices for the final 4 hour simmering. Spices which really give the brisket it’s final instantly recognisable flavour are onion, carrots, bay leaf, all-spice berries, bouquet garnis, black peppercorns and a few other wonder spices.

Brisket, salt beef, cured brisket, deli truck,


deli true, salt beef, spices,

After around 8 days of curing, the Brisket is rinsed off and simmered for 4 hours in a broth made up essentially of pickling spices, like bay and all spice berry. This gives it its final distinctive flavour.