The Best Burger Bun – Ever


burger bun, burger, deli truck, baking

Our home made burger buns fresh from the oven

We think this is the best burger bun in the world – why? because we make it ourselves. We spent months trying to find the perfect burger bun, but keep being disappointed. Believe it or not there is quite a lot of science involved in getting just the right bun. Firstly it has to be tough enough to handle a super heated 8 oz piece of pure beef, it has to soak up meat, cheese and bacon juices with out disintegrating and it has to have a warm doughy interior for taste and “mouth feel” We finally decided, after talking to friends in the US, that we would try a burger bun made out of “soft pretzel dough” This is a wonderful dough – but to make it into a bun takes a lot of work because just like a bagel, this bun is simmered in water for 60 seconds before it’s popped in the oven for a further 20 minutes. The genius behind this way of cooking is that the outside of the bun becomes firm, but pliable – in other words it doesn’t break up and the inside is still delightfully bready and rich and soft. So finally we have found our perfect burger bun and we hope you enjoy it next time you come and see us.  The next set of pictures show how we made our first small test batch.

burger buns, deli truck

Forming the dough into small balls before the second rising.


deli truck, burger buns

Arty shot of me forming buns.


deli truck, burger buns

uncooked bun dough then goes into a pan of simmering water for 30 seconds on each side.


deli truck, burger buns

rolls being poached, see how much they puff up


deli truck burger buns

Poached buns are lifted from the water and glazed with an egg and milk mixture.


Deli truck, burger buns

The rolls are then sliced into a cross cut, because the outside of the roll is now cooked and has killed the yeast, but the inside is still raw and needs to expand rapidly once it gets in the oven – these slits allow the expansion without the roll exploding .


deli truck burger bun

The end result and they were soft and doughy inside. Fantastic

Our menu boards for BMW promo tour in T’bridge Wells

WE hope to see you at BMW Tunbridge Wells on the 26th of April. We decided to keep our prices low and our yummy-ness factor high for the BMW promotion. This is what we had to offer.

Salt Beef, Deli,

Our Famous Salt Beef

Coopers BMW, BMW, Deli Truck

Our steak Sandwich Menu board for our next Gourmet food outing at BMW Tunbrige wells

Pulled Pork, pork

OUr home made Pulled Pork has always been one of our best sellers. WE smoke this ourselves for 8 hours over oak and apple wood


meat ball, Deli Truck,

OUr famous Meat BAll Sub, in a rich and thick tomato sauce and a good strong Italian cheese

beef burgers, burger

Our beef burgers are the talk of “flavour town”

How to cook BBQ

Big preparation day for special food event at BMW Tunbridge Wells tomorrow. Started prep on pulled pork, Salt Beef, hamburgers and our very special Easter brownies. The Pork shoulder has been encased in our special rub for three days and has just hot the smoker for 8 hours. Our salt beef has come out it’s brine after 8 days and is now simmering in a special selection of spices and herbs to make the perfect salt beef sandwich. And our very large 8oz burgers have just been made and we snuck a little taste for lunch – fabo fabo.

Pork Shoulder, BBQ

Our free range Pork Shoulder from Batchelors the Butcher – covered in its Rub. It will sit on this rub for three days before cooking

The smoker below is ready for business – The fire box on the right is filled with charcoal and then topped with the wetted apple and oakwood. The wood chunks are beside the meat. The darker wood on the left is the Oak which adds real depth of flavour but has to be used sparingly and the lighter wood is apple which gives a sweetness to the pork that is unrivalled. In 8 hours this will be finally cooked and be ready for pulling.

deli truck, smoker, smoked pork, pulled pork,

The smoker about to start work for the next 8 hours of so.

Below our burger meat is taking shape. Our very large 8oz burgers being formed. We make them round for easier transportation, and then flatten them on the grill when we cook them. Like all our burgers these will served with two different cheeses and two rashers of bacon with salad and our home made Russian dressing.

hamburger, fresh meat, 8oz burger,

Hamburgers being made. This meat is a mixture of various meats including skirt, re-eye and brisket. We find this gives the best flavour. Being formed into 8 ounce balls

Below is the Brisket (for salt beef) after 8 days in a brine curing mix. This is about to go into a pan of fresh water with a selection of classic spices for the final 4 hour simmering. Spices which really give the brisket it’s final instantly recognisable flavour are onion, carrots, bay leaf, all-spice berries, bouquet garnis, black peppercorns and a few other wonder spices.

Brisket, salt beef, cured brisket, deli truck,


deli true, salt beef, spices,

After around 8 days of curing, the Brisket is rinsed off and simmered for 4 hours in a broth made up essentially of pickling spices, like bay and all spice berry. This gives it its final distinctive flavour.

Preparing our beef for Burgers

deli truck, hamburger, rib eye,

Our prime rib eye beef after being trimmed of connective tissue and fat ready for either our famous steak sandwiches or as a component in our hamburger mince.

Started preparation for our show day at BMW tunbridge wells next Saturday the 29th. Stripping a Rib Eye of any connective tissue as it will be (extravagantly) going into our burger mince. Many of you have asked about my burger mix. I use 30 percent rib-eye (its expensive), 40 percent short rib and 30 percent flank or brisket. This mix of Scottish beef makes a very tasty tender mince. Photo below shows the rib-eye after cleaning up of connective tissue. In the background is our jar of homemade BBQ sauce. This takes ages to make as you have to dry fry many different spices before cooking begins – but its spicy hot and awesome. You can taste all of this next Saturday at BMW Tunbridge wells Cooper. your all welcome to come between 1100 and 1600. See ya’ there.

Great time at Camden Market in London

Camden Market has for many years been a destination venue for tourists and and locals alike. With acres of street fashion, street food and a groovy street attitude. The people from Camden Lock Market were pleased to invite us in as a Pre-christmas introduction to Gourmet Street Food for their customers. We did the usual suspects our 8 inch high double everything burger, our legendary 10 hour smoked pulled pork and of course our signature Salt Beef sandwich. Business was a bit slow, but it gave us time to catch up with the other food vendors around our pitch. And I have to say it’s the people who serve quality food in the market who made it for us. There were generous, willing to help and give great advice. And all of them must have been under the age 30. Great people passionate about their food


camden Market, deli Truck

At Camden Market. The weather was cool but the welcome was warm.


Deli Truck, CAmden Lock Market

Deli Truck at Camden Market in London













Birthday success

”We hired the Deli Truck for my husband’s 40th birthday party, it made the night. The food was absolutely stunning and the truck was the talk of the evening! Dennis and his wife Miri are great to work with, coming up with suggestions and ideas for the night. We also hired them to cater for a private 6 course dinner for 10 the evening before which was amazing too. Just looking to plan another party so we can use them again! “ Liz Harwood-Bridgen, Brasted, Kent

deli truck, catering, kent catering

Black Tie party for 80 people in Brasted, Kent

Deli Truck, Catering, Catering Kent,

Black Tie party for 80 in a Brasted Garden, Kent



hamburgers, burgers, catering, Kent

BLack TIe party in Brasted, Kent. Check out those burgers