Making Strawberry and Rum Ice Cream

This morning – “we be making” – strawberry Ice cream with strawberry chunks that have been soaked in spiced rum and sugar for the last 48 hours. The rum adds great vanilla and spice flavours and the alcohol also stops the the strawberry chunks from freezing into little iceberg nuggets. They are like smooth little explosions of sweet spice when you bite through one.

deli truck, ice cream,

The strawberries soaking in spiced rum for 48 hours

Deli Truck, Ice cream.

Strawberry Ice Cream ready to eat. We mixed in about 200ml of rum to 4 litres of ice cream. Tastes amazing.

Fresh Home Grown Summer Salad for our guests

Growing our own salad again this summer for our clients parties. This year we have come up with a slightly different way of growing. Because this year we are almost booked out all the way through to October, we can plan our salad growing period for each individual party. For example – salad in photos below is just becoming perfect. We planted this lot specifically for a large 21st birthday party in 8 days time. Salad will then be at it’s best – so we will pick on the day of the party. It will be crunchy, fresh and additive free. Also adding beet leaves this year to our usual “green” salad. A large percentage of the young party goers attend a culinary school in Switzerland – so they know their food and expect the best.

deli truck, salad, catering, summer

This year we are growing yellow beets and using the leaf for our green salad selection. A slightly bitter leaf, works well with an mustard based emulsion vinaigrette, with a little bit of palm sugar added.

Deli Truck, salads, summer

This years selection of leafs for our green summer salads.


First farmers market for the year

Yes we are back at the Tunbridge Wells Farmers Market tomorrow (Saturday) and we have a busy day today preparing. We are simmering Brisket for Salt Beef, Smoking Pork Shoulder for our famous pulled Pork with home made BBQ sauce, and cutting chilli for our robust and warming Chille con Carne (served hot with a dollop of sour cream and chives)

Salt Beef, Coleslaw, Deli Truck,

Our famous Salt Beef Sandwich – served Chipolte Coleslaw and Pickles on Rye

Tomorrow I am also pinching a recipe from the Mr. Jamie Oliver and producing gallons of his hot scrumpy mulled cider served piping hot with all the usual suspects – cinnaman, nutmeg, vanilla pods, star anise, etc etc.. So come and join us for a least a hot toddy and if you in a hungry mood grab one of our home made super tasty hot sandwiches. We shall be at the TWBC Farmers Market from 0900 ’till 1400. We’d love to see you all.

Fresh wild mushrooms – there is no better

Yep – its wild mushroom time in Europe and of course every little regional bistro in France is celebrating the fungus – cooking up a storm with beautiful fresh Girolle, Morel, Porcini and Cep. Just got back from Nice with this delightful handful foraged from the National Park du Mercantor in the mountains behind Monaco. (Needless to say I didn’t do the foraging – way to much work – but I know a guy who knows a guy) Sautéed lightly in butter with garlic, salt and pepper, then finished off with a dash of cream and parsley served over egg tagliatelli. A simple but sensational meal – got to be in my top ten favourite dishes of all time.

Selection of wild mushrooms

Selection of wild mushrooms

Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms

Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms

Great night at “tarte” in Brasted

We’re resting up today after an very very busy night at “tarte” restaurant in Brasted. A huge success with well over 100 customers satisfied by our food and the ministrations of the wonderful “tarte” wait staff. A great evening. we set up outside the restaurant on the High Street and first orders started at 6.30pm.

Deli Truck,

The Deli Truck set up outside “tarte” in Brasted about an hour before the crowds turned up all at the same time. Crazy first hour of service.


Deli Truck

The Deli Truck at the end of service -a very successful first night at Taste

We had started preparing for our one night only appearance at tarte 4 days before the evening – as we rested our pork shoulders (for our pulled pork) on our secret Texas rub for 48 hours before they went into our smoker for ten hours over oak and apple woods.

Deli Truck

Our special rub is used to flavour the pork for 48 hours before cooking . Made up of paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, cumin, oregano and a few other things…

The burgers we made came from one large piece of Black Angus top side.

Del Truck Burger

We cut the topside from a 10 kilo lump into a five 2 kilo strips so we can hang them in our commercial fridge in the Deli truck. This dries the meat out and ages it for a couple more days. The dryer meat means a much better texture to the burger – it holds together better – and great flavour.


deli truck, burgers

The topside has been minced and formed into largish 7oz burgers. Thie went well with our other menu items for our night at “tarte” in Brasted – We served our famous spicy pulled pork sandwich and our cajun blackened Sea Bass.


Deli Truck, menu, catering

OUr menu board on the truck for the night.

A garden Party for 100 people in an idyllic setting

The organisers of this very stylish birthday party wanted a relaxed atmosphere in the garden and they got just that. With outdoor lounges and coverings for a shill-out area, a fully staffed wet-bar and the Deli Truck – the feeling was informal, chic, elegant and fun. And the guests certainly had fun.  Guests started dropping in from 4.00 PM until 9.00 PM, with mosts staying on to drink and talk the night away until well into the small hours.  We served a hot menu selected by the hostess from the truck with an accompanying buffet of salads and our home made lemonade – later we served freshly brewed coffee and tea.

Deli Truck Gsrden party

The menu was chosen in consultation with the hostess (it was her husbands 50th birthday) and turned out to be a real winner. We ended up cooking our spectacular burger which everyone seems to have heard about and always wants. We accompanied this with our 12 hour smoked pulled pork which was a huge hit and chicken breast stuffed with chorizo and parmesan cheese, then poached in chicken broth, white wine and butter – served with a dollop of home made pesto on top. More details on the Menu are listed below.

"deli truck" menu

A big thanks to the most gracious and delightful hosts for their many kind words and support. We had a ball.

deli truck lemonade catering

Deli Truck catering staff

I’ll leave the final words to the hostess who emailed us 48 hours after the party. She said “Thank you for such wonderful food and ambience at our Garden Party – wow what a wonderful day. Everyone was blown away by the Deli Truck and I am sure you must have run out of your info sheets. Thank you also for organising such thoughtful and helpful assistants – it meant we could both relax and enjoy the company of our guests.”

Smoked Turkey over a Charcoal fire

One of our more unusual requests. An American client has asked me to feed his creative team for lunch tomorrow. It’s a surprise for their hard work. He specified smoked turkey cooked on a rotisserie accompanied by mac & Cheese, our special coleslaw, biscuits and gravy. Finished with key lime pie and pecan pie. A great American menu. But the turkey is certainly the king.  We used charcoal for the fire and Oak and Apple wood for the smoke. It Looks fantastic.

Garden party a great success

Giving the beloved Deli Truck its usual power clean this morning after yesterdays garden party for the staff of a very generous boss. Most of the guests came down from London and they went crazy over the salt beef. Unusual venue for us, as the hosts had a very large back garden that couldn’t be accessed by the truck – and they had a very small and steeply climbing front drive. (see photo below) So we parked the truck right outside their front door – with guests ordering their food and walking through the house to the lovely tree lined and very spacious back garden. A great result.

Deli Truck menu

The Menu for our guests most of which you saw being made in my last post

deli truck

Truck on a difficult slopping site – but it’s true the deli truck can go any where you want.

Deli Truck for the public – one night only at “tarte” in Brasted

“tarte” of Brasted and the Deli Truck  are bringing American style Gourmet Street Food to Brasted as a special summer celebration for one night only. “tarte” is well known for introducing innovative new menus and guest cooks to its Brasted eatery just opposite the village green.

On Saturday the 16th of August you will be able to enjoy the  renowned New York Style Deli food from the Deli Truck, while tarte will provide sides, desserts, wines and beers.

All the food on the Deli Truck is made in house, even the BBQ and Burger Sauces are made by us.

No Additives, No preservatives, No Chemicals. All our meat is sourced from Batchelors the Butchers in Sevenoaks and is guaranteed to be from the UK.  Table reservations are recommended and take-aways are also available. Contact tarte on 01959 565446

The Deli Truck has been hailed  by one London critic as producingsome of the best modern American street food in the UK”.  So enjoy one of our hand ground double cheese and double bacon burgers – or our authentic 8 hour smoked pulled pork sandwich or our spicy cajun blackened fish sandwich. 

tarte is opposite the Village Green on the High Street in Brasted (TN16 1JE) next door to the White Hart Pub. You’ll see the Deli Truck parked outside on the A25. Service will get underway at 06:30pm

All the disposables on the Deli Truck – that includes cups, plates, knives forks and spoons are all biodegradable at least and in many cases are fully compostable as well. our plates are made of sugar starch and will compost in just 6 weeks our cold drink cups are  made of plant starch and are fully compostable and biodegradable. But we don’t rest on our laurels – we are forever striving to bring you better quality food, with less additives and funny chemicals. We have just started our own gardens for suppling organic lettuce for our burgers and salads – and we hope this is just a start. 

Preparing for another party – with yummy salt beef

This party is being hosted by a very generous boss who is thanking his staff for a years hard work by spoiling them with a Deli Truck feast on Saturday morning. This menu has my personal favourite on it – our outrageously brilliant salt beef. We have been busy this morning making sweet almond pastry flans for our traditional strawberry tart filled with Creme Patissiere and organic strawberries. Since posting the “how to make” of one of these tarts on the 26th of May we have had endless requests from customers to have it on their menu. We make the pastry as short as we can with loads of butter and the addition of Almond Meal. Gives it a real kick. Also this morning (for tomorrows party) We will be starting the 4 hour simmer of our salt beef – for our famous salt beef sandwich. As you can see the brisket has been brined for 8 days in a selection of pickling spices and is now being simmered. The basic simmering flavours are a mirepoix (carrot, celery, onion) and crushed peppercorns, juniper berries and bay leaf. Also making the individual wild cherry and chocolate mousse puddings this morning. All good fun. Can’t wait to taste the salt beef when cooked.

deli truck pudding mousse deli truck pudding mousse

deli truck pudding mousse

Wild Cherry and chocolate mousse pudding

deli truck strawberry tart

Pastry case for strawberry tart. loads of butter and almond meal


deli truck salt beef

Simmering components

deli truck sat beef

Spices for Salt Beef

Deli truck Salt Beef

Salt beef slowing simmering for 3 to 4 hours